CHART: Mining rally continues into 2017

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Americans want return to gold standard: Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul has told CNBC’s Newsline that ‘a large majority of American people favour going on a gold standard,’ claiming that the shift in public opinion is ‘a reflection of the efforts that we’ve made in educating people.

Gold could surge past $1,920/oz high: Sprott

Billionaire investor and asset manager Eric Sprott says that the ruinous state of the global financial system and a shortage of physical […]

Experts deny Aussie mining boom at an end

Following Martin Ferguson’s rash declaration last week that Australia’s mining boom had come to an end several leading economic experts have publicly refuted the Australian Resource Minister’s dire prognosis.

FUN BREAK: Lego crooks rob Lego mine

To support its mining-themed Lego sets, the toy company rolled out some videos of some imaginary robbers who pull a heist on […]