China investment opportunities today: Jim Rogers

A number of emerging markets have entered rough economic waters but there’s still plenty of opportunity to go around, particularly in China, Jim Rogers told Mamta Badkar of Business Insider.

Rogers warned investors not to be flaky – to try to understand Chinese development in historical context:

“In the 19th century in America, we had 15 depressions, with a ‘d’, and yet we became the most exciting and successful country in the 20th century.”

“China’s gonna have a lot of problems. I don’t know what or when or why, but I know it’s coming. But when they happen, take advantage of the opportunity, don’t throw up your hands and say ‘oh gosh, now I’m going to Denmark to learn Danish’ or something.”

Rogers highlighted four Chinese industries worth looking at in depth.


“China is horribly polluted…they are spending staggering amounts of money trying to clean up the pollution.”

“For the next 20 or 30 years, huge amounts of money are going to be spent, and therefore, profits made…somebody’s going to make a lot of money cleaning it up,” Rogers told BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday.


“The Chinese government is spending staggering amounts of money on agriculture. Mao Tse-tung ruined Chinese agriculture, and they know it.”

Transport infrastructure:

“Look at the railroads: they’re building a railroad system because it’s much more efficient.”


“They’ve not been able to travel for a few hundred years. Now they can get passports very easily…now they can take money out of the country very easily. One billion three hundred million Chinese! Great opportunities in Chinese tourism.”