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Australian treasurer Wayne Swan says first train new miners, then look to skilled migration

Wayne Swan has rejected calls for a large boost to permanent migration. Instead, he claims that his budget will create 500,000 new jobs and drive unemployment to 4.5 per cent. Short-term shortages in the mining and other industries can be met through temporary skilled migration, he argues, but permanent skilled migration is not the way to go.
"I don't see the need for a dramatic increase in permanent skilled migration," Mr Swan told The Courier-Mail. "I think what we have to do in the first instance is train Australians."

Mining Weekly: New mining engineering education approach at University of Pretoria shows promise

In an effort to include nontechnical, or soft skills, as part of its new approach to education in mining engineering, the University of Pretoria’s Department of Mining Engineering reports it is currently in the final stage of converting all its undergraduate paper-based mining subjects to instructionally designed modules. These modules will consist of electronic, interactive course notes including videos, animations, photos, mouse-overs and cross-links to improve students’ abilities to acquire and apply their knowledge of the mining industry.
The inclusion of nontechnical skills, which are currently being incorporated as part of the curriculum for the mining subjects, will assist students in better understanding the complexities of mining and can improve their chances of success in the industry.

Navigator PF presents two-day financial modelling for mining projects course

Navigator Project Finance is presenting a two-day Excel-based modelling course for mining projects at various locations around Australia: Perth, Sydney and London this summer, and Brisbane and Perth this fall.
Attend this... course if you are involved in the management, development or appraisal of mining projects. It covers the core Excel and Scenario skills required to efficiently and professionally analyse, communicate and update the progress of a mining project. This course is presented by Navigator’s experienced mining project modellers and is focused on how a project finance banker or external party would analyse your project. This knowledge empowers you to create sensitivity and scenario framework that will hold up to the scrutiny of these stakeholders.

The Australian: Mining giant Rio Tinto taps local talent

In the last 25 years, the percentage of Aboriginal workers in Rio Tinto's Australian workforce has gone from 0.5 to 8. Today, The Australian reports, the company is believed to be the biggest private-sector employer of indigenous Australians.
At the company’s Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberley, for example, almost 25 per cent of the workforce is Aboriginal. In the booming iron ore country of the Pilbara, where 13 per cent of the population is Aboriginal, Rio aims to lift indigenous employment by 1 per cent a year.

Interest! Alert: Accredited course on evaluating gold junior mining companies offered by Market Motion Media

This two-day course presented by Market Motion Media, Inc. will be held 6-7 June at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., 9-10 June at the Sheraton Centre, Toronto, and 17-18 October in London.
Mine-finders, fund managers, accredited investors, mining company officers, prospectors, and investor relations officers will benefit from a two-day accredited course featuring Dr. David Groves on how to apply geology's lessons when evaluating junior mining companies and their properties.

WAtoday Reports on the Australian Skills Crisis in Mining

Clancy Yeates at WAtoday reports on the eye-popping salaries being received by mining and gas project workers in Western Australia as a result of a massive skills shortage.
At an offshore gas project, for example, a welder can pocket more than $300,000 a year, and some are seeking more than $400,000 in the next round of negotiations. On dry land, a worker who makes the beds or cleans at an isolated mining project can also expect a six-figure pay packet. As for the staff at McDonald's in the Pilbara's resources hub of Karratha, many of them are flown in and out by their employer because there aren't enough locals willing to do the job.

Opinion 250 News on Smithers Mine Training Program: Success Story in First Nations Training

Northwest Community College in Smithers is preparing students for jobs in the mining industry, and boasts a high success rate, especially amongst local First Nations, reports Opinion 250 News. Their Workforce Exploration Skills Training program focusses on hand-on training, with students spending seven weeks at a mining training camp outside of Smithers.
The hands-on experience and classroom instruction includes: drill core technician training and cultural resource assessment; prospector basic training; training as a mining exploration field assistant; and industry-related safety certification. WEST has seen 80-percent of its graduates move on to jobs. About three-quarters of program participants are Aboriginal.

MiningNews: Simulated Underground Mine Training Gains International Attention reports that the Cut, a simulated underground training mine in Perth, is attracting attention from mining specialists all over the world. Training specialist Barminco is arranging several tours in the next few weeks, with visitors from as far afield as Chile.
"We’ve put a bit of time and money into setting this up," Barminco training co-coordinator Steve Motion said. "From an induction point of view, I think it will be a pretty good idea for putting what we call green people or new people through, just to give them that feeling of what it’s like to go underground and how an underground mine works."

Coal International Reports on Professor Fathi Habashi – Bringing Back Interest In Extractive Metallurgy

Professor Fathi Habashi, EduMine author and Professor Emeritus at Laval University, is bringing back interest in extractive metallurgy with his Comprehensive Extractive Metallurgical Workshop - "an important international learning platform where the latest advances in the field are shared amongst the participants both formally and informally."