Everclear’s commercial-grade electrolyser

International Mining

International Mining reports that in an important advance in clean processing, Applied Intellectual Capital (AIC) has successfully launched a commercial-grade electrolyser manufacturing program in support of its affiliate, EverClear Solutions. Specifically developed to meet the rigours of continuous operation in metals recovery operations for the industry, this second generation (2-G) electrolyser will support both acid rock drainage and alkaline tailings applications.

In tests conducted recently in AIC’s research, development and rapid prototyping facility in Alameda, California, the electrolyser met the performance specifications necessary to recover select target metals from metal-laden solutions in a highly cost-effective manner. This 2-G electrolyser is now operating successfully on-site in Montana as part of a planned series of demonstrations in North America and Africa. A second 2-G unit is being constructed to support this and a volume manufacturing program will commence later this year.

EverClear applies its unique, patent-protected capabilities, developed in partnership with AIC, to recover high value metals from mining operations where assets have been stranded due to the technological inefficiencies of historic mining practices — thereby dramatically improving project yield and life cycles, while creating significant profits for its customers. It is able to specialise in such secondary and tertiary recovery efforts by leveraging AIC’s expertise in leach chemistry and patent-protected, high-performance, electrochemical processes and technologies to cost-effectively generate high-grade, market-ready metals.

Dr. Stephen Clarke, AIC’s Chief Executive, commented: “Reliable, field hardened equipment is the key to taking a new technology into the mining industry. The successful on-site operation of the first 2-G unit is the culmination of an intensive product engineering exercise.” Darron Brackenbury, EverClear’s Executive Chairman, commented: “We have now started the countdown to the point where the mining industry will be able to use the process to extract valuable metals from waste.”

EverClear is developing and commercialisng patented, proprietary technology for profitable, sustainable recovery of copper, zinc, and other base metals from former mining sites. Acquired from electrochemical technology incubator AIC in 2007, EverClear’s ResourceTM Technology is currently undergoing field trial in the US and internationally. www.everclear-inc.com

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