Posts by Joshua Zapf:

Primero gives Q2 results

"Primero achieved its strongest quarter to date. San Dimas delivered record gold and silver production, record profit margins and record operating cash flow for Primero."

Consol’s conveyor calamity

'Structural failure' at CONSOL Energy's mine and preparation plant in Pennsylvania has the company reporting that the Bailey and Enlow Fork mines could be fully impacted for the next two weeks.

Argus Metals drops 44% on the day

Reports that assays contained "interesting enrichment in certain rare earth elements" and that gold mineralization was not tested in the area, were not enough to deter investors from dumping the stock – which traded at 17 times the normal volume.

All that wealth and now somewhere to put it

Located somewhere under 'a building within the international airport compound' in Hong Kong, Malca-Amit's vault is designed to hold 1,000 tonnes of gold – roughly 22% of the gold bullion currently at Fort Knox.