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What do mining engineers do?

"On the basis of long experience, I can say with confidence that mining engineers spend most of their time in meetings, listening to consultants and staff and making hard decisions about the mine they work for or manage." - Jack Caldwell

Santiago and mining consulting in Chile

This is part of the life of a mining consultant: lots of glamour at the expense of extreme patience in line to see surly passport inspectors and those who believe you are smuggling packets of peanuts.

Ekati and Diavik to Harry Winston

The news today is that Harry Winston and BHP are talking about the sale of the Ekati Diamond Mine. Specifically Harry Winston is seeking to purchase the Ekati Diamond Mine.

Madrid, Spain mining riots for coal subsidies

While the United States Congress debates HR4402, a bill which would make it easier and cheaper to mine in the United States, Spanish coal miners are protesting cuts by the Spanish government in subsidies to unprofitable coal mines.