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British Columbia Tailings failure at the HB mine near Salmo BC

A short note to end a sunny day.  There is a report of potential failure of a tailings dam on the news.  Here is what is reported: The Regional District of Central Kootenay Emergency Operations Centre is working with various agencies to ensure public safety for travelers and area residents in response to concerns.

2012 survey of Canadian mine wages

Fifty-six mines across Canada provided data on wages paid in 2011.  Thirty-four are union mines; and twenty-two non-union.  Forty-five reported increased wages while eleven made no changes.  None decreased wages. 

Merit and mine cost over-runs run rampant

In my email this past week was a missive from the news-editor of He passed on a letter sent to him for possible publication. I repeat the entire letter below. It has the edge I like. It has the honesty of an old man about to retire: I respect that. It has the frustration of change; and we all know the feeling.

Military drones for mines and tailings

I can hardly wait to get my first project involving the use of a drone to monitor the performance of a mine tailings facility. These days some are so big that it is impossible to see them all in one glance.