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Expect talent-driven mining M&A: Headhunter

Today Andrew’s talking about the ebbs and flows of his MRG business. He tells me President and CEO searches are not where he’s making his money these days, it’s the operations roles.

Lukas Lundin “very encouraged” by North Arrow bulk sample

A tight community of stock brokers, promoters and Canadian diamond investors saw some excitement today as North Arrow Minerals (NAR.V), a diamond explorer with active projects in Nunavut, Saskatchewan and elsewhere in Canada, halted its stock pending news.

Video: John Kaiser proposes a new system for financing junior miners

Kaiser believes the easiest way to bolster the sector, which exists to provide capital to find and develop new mines, is to abolish Accredited Investor Exemption rules that currently restrict non-rich people from giving money directly to the treasuries of these companies.