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Mid-Week Market Report on Equities & Metals

Its been an interesting week with stocks, commodities and currencies having a knee jerk reaction to the FOMC minutes released Tuesday afternoon. […]

Stock Market Leaders Are Now Lagging?

Wednesday’s session closed mixed on the day. The DOW posted a third of a percent gain while the tech sector closed down […]

Gold Stocks, SP500 & the Dollar – What’s Next?

Investors around the globe are concerned with the economic outlook, not only with the United States but with virtually every country. This […]

SP500 Internals, Dollar & Gold Pre-Week Analysis

After a fierce equities rally on Friday, which I figured would happen, just not that strong; I have to wonder if there […]

SP500 Pierces, Bonds Rally, Dollars Fall Out the Window

It’s been a wild ride the past few days OptionsX, Obama and FOMC comments.  Seems like everyone is waiting to see what […]

Using Iron Condors to Create Profits Trading SPX

This recent rally has many market pundits believing the market will continue higher, fueled by slightly improved economic data points. The bulls […]

Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500 Are Popping & Dropping?

We are at the tail of another light volume choppy options expiry week and a big move is brewing… So I thought […]

Gold forms Overbought Rising Wedge at Resistance

Precious metals soar as investors flock to gold and silver. But are they looking deep enough to truly understand the current trends […]

Precious Metals Equity Index Forms a Triple Top, What’s Next?

I am going to step out on a limb in this report and cover what I think to be an intermediate top […]

SP500 & Gold At Crucial Pivot Points

Wednesday was a big session with better than expected manufacturing surging the market 3%. In this article I will do a quick […]

Precious Metals, Oil & SP500 Trading At Key Resistance Levels

Last week was a relatively strong week for stocks and commodities. Although the SP500 closed slightly lower on the week the price […]

How To Trade Gold and Silver’s Volatility

Understanding the key differences between both gold and silver’s risk/volatility levels plays a large part in how I choose a low risk […]