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Barkerville, the BCSC is calling

Barkerville's stock price has tumbled 40% since Friday's high of $1.05. And Investors aren't the only group not convinced by the company's report, even the British Columbia Securities Commission has raised an incredulous eyebrow.

Fitch gives Codelco an A+

Codelco possess 9% of the world's known copper reserves and the A+ rating reflects Codelco's total ownership by the Government of Chile and its strategic importance to the country.

Robert Friedland

Robert Friedland has a past ripe with outrageous and spectacular claims. Friedland is worth over $2 billion and has had some interesting […]

Mongolian coal mining stops, drops and …

Mongolian Mining Corp hit a record low today as investors looked at the likelihood of more restrictive investment policies to be implemented after Mongolia's parliamentary elections this week.