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ALROSA chipped wild reindeer

Ten female wild reindeer were chipped in the territory of Olenek Evenki national district. Everything was organized under a time-proven scheme. As female reindeer is a herd-forming element, environmental experts from the Institute of Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (the SB RAS) decided to put radio collars on females only. Thus, scientists will be able to track the movement of about 15,000 animals at a time.

Worldwide jewelry sales increase by 5% in Q2 – ALROSA present the results of its global luxury and jewelry market research

"Today, the shares of the Indian market are being redistributed among the stakeholders, with large retailers encroaching upon their smaller competitors. Nevertheless, despite all of the major players' efforts, most sales are still ensured by smaller retailers," notes Dmitry Klimenko, head of the analytics department at ALROSA's Strategic Projects and Analytics Center.

Kharyskhal children’s center funded by ALROSA opens in Mirny

Due to ALROSA's donations, social facilities are being built not only in the diamond districts, but also in some other municipal entities, including in the capital of the Republic.Every year, ALROSA allocates targeted donations to the republican budget for the construction of educational, healthcare, cultural and sports facilities.

Kimberley Process visits Russia with a review

The Kimberley Process (KP) delegation conducted a review visit to Russia on August 25-30 to check the system of mining, accounting, implementation and control of operations with rough diamonds, and to assess their compliance with the minimum requirements of the KP Certification Scheme.