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BIV: Law firm launches class action suit against Eastern Platinum

BIV reports that Eastern Platinum, a Vancouver-based precious metals producer (TSX:ELR), will fight a class action lawsuit filed against it earlier this week: On Tuesday, Siskinds LLP, a London, Ontario-based firm, filed a suit in the Superior Court of Ontario that alleges Eastern failed to disclose “material information” about an interruption of operations at its Crocodile River mine in January.

BIV: Prophecy coal delivers historic shipment to Russia

A Vancouver-based company is behind Mongolia’s first shipment of coal to the Republic of Buryatia in the Russian Federation. On Wednesday, Prophecy Coal (TSX-V:PCY) said it had shipped 650 tonnes, or 10 wagons worth, of coal from the company’s Ulaan Ovoo mine in Mongolia to an energy company in southeastern Russia.