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Volume not the only metric of success for LME

Trading volumes on the London Metal Exchange ( LME) surged to a record high in  September, bringing the year-to-date growth rate to an impressive 22%. This is, of course, a key metric for assessing the health of any exchange. And it's certainly be...

Physical delivery still bedevils LME steel contract

The LME's physical delivery function has attracted a lot of attention over the last few months thanks to the queue of aluminium awaiting drawdown from registered warehouses in Detroit. Delays in getting metal out of what is supposed to be "the market of

Fresh haven demand burnishes bullion

Gold jumped on haven buying after the re-emergence of growth concerns depressed Asian and European equity markets following the release of weak European data. Upcoming Events – 2011 06 September 2011 - 07 September 2011 Beijing, China 07 September 2011

China demand for resources to rise

China will need large quantities of Australian raw materials as its industrialisation and urbanisation race ahead, despite concerns about weak global economic conditions, Australian Trade Minister Craig Emerson said on Friday. Emerson also hinted that a fall in the Australian dollar amid the volatility that has jolted global financial markets for the past week was good, saying its strong currency had hurt manufacturing and exporters.

World aluminium demand to double in 10 years

World demand for aluminium will double in the next decade, driven by growing use in aircraft, transportation and luxury cars, the head of major European products maker Amag said on Monday. "We forecast that demand for aluminium will double within the next 10 to 12 years, so a global growth rate of 7 percent. Picture is from Images of Elements.

Iron ore to stay above $150, says Vale

The bullish prediction by Guilherme Cavalcanti, finance director of the mining group, is the latest contribution to a debate on the outlook for the iron ore market that has polarised analysts and investors.

Mining 101 workshop in Sydney and Perth

Join the Mining 101 workshop to gain a comprehensive but straightforward (no jargon) explanation of what the mining industry is, and how it works.

Mining 101 is aimed at people working in associated sectors (the financial community, lawyers, PR companies, equipment manufacturers, service providers, etc) who would benefit from an overview of mining, and be in a better position as a result to develop more business opportunities.

Sydney: Tuesday May 31st 2011, Radisson Paza Hotel
Perth: Tuesday June 14th 2011, Pan Pacific Hotel