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Where next for gold-silver and the SP 500 indexes?

The market action in both the precious metals complex and the equities markets has been moving in clearly defined Fibonacci and Elliott Wave patterns for quite some time now. All of the recent peaks and valleys in both areas can be clearly demarcated with Fibonacci retracements and crowd behavioral patterns both in advance and in hindsight.

The gold wave patterns remain bearish and SP 500 near the top

My most recent forecasts for the SP 500 and Gold have been calling for interim peaks in both around Mid- January. Gold, I told my subscribers a few weeks ago, was definitely topping and likely to drop now to $1270-$1280 per ounce before resuming the Bull Market advance. The SP 500 I have forecasted a 1285-1315 topping area since the 1175 pivot lows on that index, and we are very close as well in that regard.

Why Gold is About To Power Higher to Complete a Big Rally

By David Banister- lang=”EN-US”>The gold bull has been moving in very reliable Elliott Wave and Fibonacci patterns for many years now, […]

The SP 500 and Gold are in the last stages of the rally from July

The Elliott Wave patterns that I use to forecast movements ahead of time in the SP 500 and Gold for my subscribers […]

A stunning silver forecast comes true, what next?

In latter August I penned a forecast for my subscribers to TMTF on Silver, and below is a brief excerpt from August […]

How long and how high for Gold, and how to play it

Regular readers of my articles on Gold over the past few years know that I have a theory on this Gold Bull […]

The Gold and SP 500 Bull markets continue to leave investors behind

In my recent forecast updates for my subscribers and also in my free articles online, I have expounded on the virtues of […]

Sept 14th- SP 500 To Take Breather?

The SP 500 index has run up as forecasted to our subscribers a few weeks ago to a high of 1123 from […]

Bulls are about to move the markets higher

I’ve been busy counting the months of correction since Mid-April this year when I forecasted a top in the U.S. Markets following […]

Silver About To Break Out Big!

(Excerpted from August 31st forecast to our Paying subscribers, who were alerted at $18.73 per ounce, now $19.50) Silver is one asset […]

Gold Bullion Likely To Pullback Then Rocket Higher

Back in latter June I forecasted a big top in Gold, mostly due to the 5 wave structures up from the October […]