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Trolex Launches ‘Support Mining’ Campaign

Trolex is launching a new campaign, ‘Support Mining’ (#supportmining), which is targeted at giving the mining industry what it most needs now – lower cost equipment that helps it to increase output efficiency.

Trolex Appoints Geo-Instruments as USA and Canadian Tunnelling Distributor

Established in 2003, GEO-Instruments specialises in assisting geotechnical and civil engineers to monitor any movement in structures and in the earth. They manufacture and supply sensors and systems to measure movement, pressure, vibration and other environmental changes in structures, soil, and rock.

Trolex Appoints Strata As New South African Distributor

Trolex systems and products are relied on the world over to detect gases, monitor other key environmental conditions and optimise machinery performance in the mining and tunnelling industries. They’re intrinsically safe, carry independent accreditation and are at the forefront of safety and condition monitoring technology.