Hamster drives mining truck to demonstrate vehicle safety

fitting the cage

Fitting the hamster cage on the wheel

A Volvo 16.5-ton FMX dump truck was driven from the bottom of a quarry using a hamster and a carrot to steer the vehicle.

The stunt, with an obvious eye to getting some marketing buzz, was filmed at the Los Tres Cunados quarry in Spain. The video was uploaded last week and already has 3.4 million views. Video is at the bottom of the post.

This is how you steer.

“Today is the ultimate test of steering system,” says Jan-Inge Svensson, a technician at Volvo Trucks.

“You will see a hamster steering this truck from the bottom of the quarry to the top.”

Volvo is showing off its dynamic steering technology, which is supposed to improve stability and control as well as reduce muscle fatigue.

Driver sets off with camera crew in tow.

Dramatic mishap.

Finish line in site.


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