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Low zinc and copper levels associated with miscarriages

Low levels of zinc and copper are associated with miscarriages in pregnant women, Digital Journal reports. Scientists at the University of Granada compared data from two groups of women — with one half having suffered miscarriages and the other half who had normal pregnancies — and found that lower levels of zinc and copper in the women who had miscarriages, suggesting a deficiency of one or both elements could be involved.

Rio Alto Mining suspends mining at La Arena due to work stoppage

Rio Alto Mining (CVE:RIO) said that an illegal work stoppage at La Arena Gold Oxide Mine forced it to suspend mining operations. The company's stock opened down 6.82% to $2.46. The company, issuing a statement on Thursday, says that it is in discussions with government representatives, community groups and others to resolve the issue.

Peru’s president signs mining law

President Ollanta Humala signed Peru's new mining law on Wednesday, which will raise about $1 billion a year. The money is to be directed to the poorest parts of the country and help build schools and infrastructure. Mining companies will now pay taxes based on their operating profits, ranging from 1% to 12%, rather than old regime where they paid 1% to 3% based on sales. There will also be a windfall profits tax ranging from 2% to 8.4% of a company's net profits.

Copper plunges to 14-month low as Greek default fears continue to stalk markets

Fear that Germany may not pass a crucial vote to shore up the eurozone's rescue fund savaged commodities overnight, with copper falling to its lowest level in 14 months, and taking crude oil and grains down with it. The red metal — widely considered to be a bellwether of the global economy — lost 7% of its value and sustained the second largest drop since the recession of 2008, Melbourne Age reported:

Rio Tinto pays Can$73 million for 49% of Ivanhoe Mines

Rio Tinto announced on Tuesday that it paid Can$73 million for 49% of Ivanhoe Mines. Rio Tinto acquired an additional 3,700,000 common shares in Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Rio Tinto International Holdings Limited, increasing Rio Tinto's ownership in Ivanhoe Mines by 0.5 per cent to a total of 361,858,442 common shares or 49 per cent through a privately negotiated share purchase agreement.

Viking Minerals Inc.: China intensifies purchases of copper

Chinese companies and investors are stepping up their purchases of industrial commodities such as copper, in a show of confidence in the global economy that stands in contrast to the turmoil in western markets. The wave of buying is providing support for metals and minerals prices after commodities prices fell this month at worries about a double-dip. Senior executives at trading houses, mining companies and banks said Chinese consumers had used the recent drop in prices to rebuild stocks.