McIntosh Engineering has signed a letter of intent to join Stantec

It gives us great pleasure to announce that McIntosh Engineering has signed a letter of intent to join Stantec, a professional engineering and design services firm with approximately 9,000 employees, operating out of more than 125 locations across North America. Operating as a newly formed Mining practice area within Stantec, McIntosh will maintain its focus on customer service in the realm of underground mining engineering, design, procurement, and construction management services. Based on McIntosh Engineering’s reputation as a world leader in underground mining services, and Stantec’s five decades of award-winning experience in infrastructure projects and other complementary services, our combined future is very promising and will benefit both the customers and employees of our new organization.

Why is McIntosh Engineering joining Stantec?

Two critical issues in mining today are recruiting and retaining qualified people to meet expanding global project requirements. Recognizing these critical needs, we believe joining McIntosh with Stantec is in the best long-term interest
of our companies, employees, and clients. Joining McIntosh with Stantec allows many advantages, including:

• Providing our clients access to expanded resources to meet project requirements
• Allowing us to serve mining clients from additional geographic locations and with access to heavy infrastructure, environmental, and expanded program/project management and project controls services not currently available through McIntosh
• Providing employees with increased personal development opportunities, enhancing our ability to recruit and retain qualified people to serve our mining clients to the ultimate benefit of all concerned

Above all else, we want to assure you that our primary focus is, and always will be, customer service. We are very excited about the possibilities this union offers, as it strengthens our commitment to provide the highest level of service possible to our customers. Our success is always measured by your satisfaction and we will continue to strive to exceed your expectations. The same leadership, management, and project team(s) that have supported you in the past will support you in the future. As we make this transition we are committed to:

• Maintaining an absolute focus on our current project commitments
• Maintaining the same level of project service (nimbleness, reaction time, depth) and quality that has exemplified our company in the past
• Maintaining our commitments to core values, employee development, family environment, and long term vision
• Providing the same people to support your projects, now and in the future, with expanded access to new resources to support those you already know

We invite you to visit the McIntosh Engineering and Stantec websites to learn about the services McIntosh will continue to offer as part of Stantec, and to review the entire breadth and depth of the Stantec organization.

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