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Mining Intelligence takes off the wrapping

Mining Intelligence unveiled new functionality and a new look this fall.

The online research tool used for discovering rich data insights about mines and projects received a grand launch last month to introduce added features and a plan for building industry buzz.

“Our purpose is to provide exclusive mining market intelligence with intuitive, accurate insights that make the right decisions easier,” says Rob King, president of Glacier’s Mining Group.

“Mining Intelligence is a large-scale initiative, and we are building a new brand with world-class products and thought-provoking marketing.”


Mining Intelligence now has many advanced features:

Comprehensive cost modelling – Clients can now run detailed analysis on how much it will cost to turn a project into a mine. Cost modelling is Mining Intelligence’s most exciting feature. It is Mining Intelligence’s differentiator—functionality that makes it unique within the marketplace.

Mergers and acquisitions data – Users can now look up what miners and juniors are acquiring.

Automated digital assistant – Mining Intelligence is a technical tool. An automated digital assistant named Quinn acts as a user guide and helps with simple tasks.

Mining Intelligence now has cost modelling data.


Accompanying the update in functionality was new branding and messaging.

Mining Intelligence, which is being introduced to the industry, will become the world’s most trusted source for mining industry data, not just online but on whatever platforms helps deliver rich data insights to its users. The branding doesn’t just describe what Mining Intelligence is, but what it plans to become.

Mining Intelligence branding is built for the future to help make the service the most trusted source for mining industry data in the world.

Mining Intelligence’s tagline, Predict Your Profits, came from its core functionality—the what’s, why’s and how’s of the service.

What – Mining Intelligence provides rich mining data that fuels industry insight delivered through online applications and services.

How – Data is aggregated from multiple sources into one intuitive and innovative interface

Why – To help clients make decisions, be productive and become profitable.

Mining Intelligence users are able to uncover opportunities using rich data sets and advanced cost modelling features. Subscribers use Mining Intelligence to predict their profits.

Mining Intelligence’s fall launch was kicked off with a takeover on showing the new branding and taglines.

Thought Leadership

Marketing is the foundation, but Mining Intelligence also needs thought leadership, a message so compelling that it causes a reaction and a desire to learn more.

A major story running through mining right now is how technology is impacting the whole industry. A mining revolution is underway. What’s required to build a mine is being thrown up in the air due to the application of new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, autonomy, drones and battery-powered drivetrains. Capital expenditure and operating costs are all changing as a new paradigm takes hold. Old and new projects can be looked at through entirely different measures to assess their feasibility.

Our thought leadership campaign is Embrace Disruption.

Miners who understand and apply new technology to their operations are going to thrive. With the coming of technology, all across the industry new opportunities have arisen. Mining Intelligence can help users look at projects with new eyes and predict their profits.