More mining companies investing in simulation technology

A simulator for a CAT dozer

More mining companies investing in simulation technology

Investments in mining equipment simulator systems is growing, despite cautiousness and slowdown in the industry, says Greg Lew, Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at South Africa-based Thoroughbred Technologies Ltd.

According to the expert, advanced training simulators are increasingly being seen as a sound investment. Some big projects, including India-based Hindustan Zinc Ltd., recently bought into simulation to enhance their core fundamental performance.

ThoroughTec Simulation said it experienced another year of continued growth in 2013.  The advanced military standard Cybermine training simulators is now in its fourth generation.

“More and more mine operators are realizing the advantages that simulation can bring to their mine sites around the world,” Lew, said in a statement Wednesday. “We’re continuously receiving reports from mines about how simulation is aiding in the recruitment process, improving productivity and reaction times in emergency situations.”

Moving over to North America, military standard mining simulation penetrated the oil sands market with the largest oil sands company in the world, Syncrude. They purchased a simulator for a CAT truck, dozer and grader, Liebherr truck and a P&H shovel.

“Because mine vehicles are being used for fewer training tasks, the associated running costs of training are greatly reduced,” said Lew.

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