Sandvik and Gemcom Announce Collaboration Agreement on Technology for Underground Mining

VANCOUVER, Canada – June 14, 2010 – Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of specialised mining productivity solutions, today announced that they have signed a Collaboration Agreement with Sandvik Mining and Construction to develop a system and interface for monitoring underground mobile mining equipment. The two companies are teaming on an innovative equipment performance and production tracking solution that will further improve consolidation and validation of information from mine operational systems.

Mining companies worldwide select Sandvik service solutions and automation technologies to help them manage their mining equipment and production. With growing requirements in the industry for new enabling technologies to drive greater efficiencies, there is a need for a flexible and well-integrated system for mining operations management.

Gemcom InSite™ delivers operations management capabilities that complement planning and scheduling activities, along with a continuous improvement engine that drives improved recovery, throughput, equipment utilisation, and performance.

“InSite features innovative technology that monitors in near real time equipment, events, and tracks production, which enables timely operational decision making,” stated Rauno Pitkänen, manager of projects, systems and new offering, Sandvik Mining and Construction. “This industry-leading technology, when combined with Sandvik’s sophisticated Optimine™ capabilities, will allow mining companies to follow up on their production, equipment, and personnel performance metrics in a simple and effective manner.

Ultimately, they will be better able to manage and utilise their capital expenditures, and be able to back up business decisions with hard data.”

“Sandvik has developed an in-depth understanding of the demands of modern mining operations and how automation of loading and hauling processes in the mining cycle can contribute to the improvement of safety and efficiency of ore transportation,” commented Allen Vaughn, Gemcom executive vice president. “Sandvik’s desire to provide customers with more in-depth knowledge on the condition of the equipment for maintenance purposes, as well as production monitoring to more effectively manage draw and production control, creates the opportunity to leverage InSite.”

A prototype of the Sandvik Gemcom collaborative solution is in place at the Sandvik Test Mine in Tampere, Finland. To learn more or see the system in operation please contact: Sandvik at [email protected] or Gemcom at [email protected]

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