Siemens: Common platform for heavy mining equipment improves productivity

With the addition of draglines to the mix, Siemens Mining Technologies has created a single drive design platform for shovels, trucks and draglines. This significantly lowers costs for operations, training and maintenance. By adding Siemens remote diagnostic and analytic solutions, the company says mining companies can further reduce downtime and optimise productivity to improve operations.

With more than 140 shovels and 450 trucks operating with Siemens AC motor drives, Siemens has been an industry leader in this technology. The AC induction motors allow higher stall torque, faster acceleration and higher speeds in field weakening covering a larger area under the speed/torque curve which translates into shorter machine cycle times. Siemens is now providing this superior technology for use in draglines to create a common drive platform for open pit mining equipment with remote diagnostic and analysis solutions for all mobile mining equipment…..International Mining

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