Argentina’s setting a new Standard…

As the Argentinian government continues its positive progress towards developing their domestic mining industry, companies from around the world are looking to Argentina as a new frontier of opportunity.

One such company is  TSX-listed Silver Standard Resources who after successfully developing and operating the Pirquitas Mine since 2009, is now developing the Chinchillas Silver Mine in the Puna region of north-western Argentina, in Jujuy Province. Chinchillas has an 8 year mine life and will be employing 240 workers presenting a terrific opportunity for both the wider industry in Argentina and as importantly, the local communities benefiting by this development.

To support Silver Standard, Globe 24-7 is very pleased to announce it has been selected as their recruitment partner to help staff the project deploying a dedicated team to work hand-in-hand with their senior management team and implementing a local and international sourcing program.

Globe’s Branch Manager, Juan David Viñas Restrepo commented ‘we are very excited to be working with Silver Standard to help them staff up their Chinchillas Project in Jujuy. We are working closely with their management team to develop a sourcing strategy for the entire operation and have put together a great team to deliver this program. We are looking forward to working with the local communities to identify, select and recruit for the mine. There’s a lot of work ahead of us but we are very much excited by the opportunity’.

Commenting on Globe’s management of the recruitment program for Chinchillas, Silver Standard’s Vice President of Human Resources, Nadine Block commented ‘We are very pleased with the strategic alliance we have formed with Globe 24-7 relating to not only the Recruitment Process but also the support they will provide in other areas such as training, assessments and community engagement.

Silver Standard expects to commence milling in the second half of 2018.

About Globe 24-7

Globe 24-7 (Globe) has been conducting human resources consulting and search assignments for local and international mining, power, manufacturing and oil and gas companies around the world for over a decade. Globe has offices in the major markets of the world to ensure consulting assignments and search campaigns are effectively managed at both site and corporate locations and has grown internationally to now service small, mid-tier and large-scale companies through its project recruitment, search, HR consulting and HR Systems divisions. Globe has conducted large scale recruitment programs for mining companies in Australia, Canada, US, Burkina Faso, DRC, Ghana, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Peru, Colombia and now, Argentina.


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