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IAMGOLD cuts 10% of staff at Rosebel Mine

Michael Allan McCrae | October 8, 2015
rosebel gold mine iamgold cutting

Current gold environment necessitates cost cutting.

Carl Icahn moves two directors onto Freeport McMoran's board

Michael Allan McCrae | October 7, 2015
Operations at Freeport Grasberg copper mine remained blocked

Freeport-McMoran was up 9.97% on the news to $13.01.

Two things holding back gold price gone soon

Frik Els | October 7, 2015
Two things holding back gold price gone soon

Demand for inflation hedges making a comeback.

Teck signs up for silver stream agreement with Franco Nevada

Michael Allan McCrae | October 7, 2015
teck franco nevada streaming silver agreement

Teck jumps 14%.

Mining stocks surge as end of commodity rout called

Frik Els | October 7, 2015
Mining stocks surge as end of commodity rout called

Morgan Stanley sees a "sharp reversal" in commodities with prices rising nearly 20% by 2017 making mining stocks "historically attractive".

Vancouver miner in trouble in Nicaragua

Frik Els | October 7, 2015
Vancouver miner in trouble in Nicaragua

Deadly clashes as police try to clear access to B2Gold's El Limon mine on day nine of blockade.

Gold price momentum builds

Frik Els | October 6, 2015
Gold price momentum builds

Another up day for gold as hedge funds double bullish bets on gold.

Mining engineer snags job as bus driver

Michael Allan McCrae | October 6, 2015
mining engineer bus driver

"I couldn't be happier how things turned out."

EPA didn't respect the rules when shutting down Pebble: report

Michael Allan McCrae | October 6, 2015
report epa cohen pebble mine

Relying on hypotheticals.

Even top juniors are running out of money

Frik Els | October 6, 2015
Even top juniors are running out of money

New report on top 100 junior mining companies says "waiting it out no longer a viable strategy"

Investors pile into Freeport on restructure hopes

Frik Els | October 6, 2015
Investors pile into Freeport on restructure hopes

Copper miner up nearly 7% after announcing cuts to its board and an "alternative course" oil and gas business acquired only three years ago.

Gold will break out as rate hike myth dies

Peter Schiff - SchiffGold | October 6, 2015
BofA Merrill Lynch: Gold below $1,000 in 2016

Two persistent myths convince gold bears that the price of gold will remain low – a looming series of interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve and the fact that gold did not rally during the last round of quantitative easing.

Skeena acquires GJ copper-gold project

Skeena Resources | October 6, 2015
Gold to dip below $1,000 by end of the year – report

"The consolidation of the adjacent Spectrum and GJ properties will provide important access and infrastructure synergies that should lower unit exploration costs and provide flexibility for future development of Spectrum."

Copper Mountain announces record mill throughput Editor | October 6, 2015
Copper Mountain production jump

Generating an estimated US$60 million in gross revenue.Copper Mountain is located in Canada, 20km south of Princeton.

Andrew Pullar's plan: Go long, set goals with world-class assets

The Gold Report | October 5, 2015
Study: New projects need a $3.50 copper price

To come to terms with what has happened in the gold equities market, you have to understand what has happened to gold itself.

Rubicon Minerals temporarily suspends mill operations

Michael Allan McCrae | October 5, 2015
rubicon minerals mill closure feat

Stock drops by a third.

Kinross shares surge as investors shrug US probe

Frik Els | October 5, 2015
Kinross shares surge as investors shrug US probe

World's 5th largest gold miner up nearly 8% after saying it's co-operating with SEC and DoJ investigating whistleblower case at giant West Africa mine.

South Africa's last bullion bluechip battles relegation

Reuters | October 5, 2015
Top Chinese gold miner sets aside $1bn for African buys

The Johannesburg stock market, the capitalist heart of South Africa's 'City of Gold', is close to relegating the last bullion producer in its bluechip index, the latest sign of the precious metal losing its place in an economy it once dominated.

Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital

Failure to launch

A deep bench of excuses, ranging from the weather to the Chinese economy, has been called on to justify why the US economy hasn't built up any noticeable steam, and why the Fed has failed to move rates off zero

Trans-Pacific Partnership will benefit Canada’s mining sector

Mining Association of Canada | October 5, 2015
first nations cariboo chilcotin region mining rules policies british columbia feat

Mining is one of Canada’s largest outward investing sectors.

For many miners, there’s no avoiding the gold ‘production cliff’ now

Financial Post | October 5, 2015
Gold price just short of $1,200 as 'cautious optimism' returns

When Steve Parsons and his colleagues published their first report on the gold “production cliff” in early 2013, they thought the thesis was obvious, even though almost no one was talking about it.

Scarce silver to get even tougher to find in 4th quarter

Money Metals Exchange | October 4, 2015
US Mint unveils 2013 First Spouse gold coin designs

The void left by government mints in North America is shaking up the silver market, creating a major opening for competitors to supply the growing ranks of “silver stackers” and capture market share.

Eldorado Gold in the green after court decision

Andrew Topf | October 2, 2015
Greece sees Eldorado Gold’s Hella mine as partial solution for its financial problems

A decision on Friday by a Greek court going in favour of Eldorado Gold's (TSX:ELD) Skouris mine has bumped the stock up by close to 10 percent.

Gold mining costs continue to come down

Financial Post | October 2, 2015

Gold miners have managed to cut their costs significantly since prices started to freefall in 2013. And, fortunately, it appears that trend is not slowing down.

Water supplies uncontaminated: UN on Argentina cyanide spill

Andrew Topf | October 2, 2015
Argentine judge lifts Barrick’s Veladero gold mine halt

Samples "showed no deviation from measurements taken in June 2015".

Commodities terrible, terrible quarter in just one chart

Michael Allan McCrae | October 1, 2015
headstone sick

Unless you were hiding out in rough rice or lean hogs, commodities were not your friend in the third quarter of 2015.

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