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Bitcoin dips under $400

Michael Allan McCrae | September 19, 2014
bitcoin slide 333


Fortune Minerals receives US$ 4 million bridge loan installment toward Lascaux Production pre-pay facility to fund Revenue Silver Mine acquisition

Fortune Minerals Limited | September 18, 2014

Fortune Minerals Limited announces receipt of the previously announced US$4 million bridge loan that is part of the production pre-pay facility from Lascaux Resource Capital Fund 1 LP.

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: Uncle Sam's accounting is suspect

Visual Capitalist | September 18, 2014
Gold for cash

For some time now, the Government of the United States has been effectively checking through their couch for loose change. Anything helps, even if the debt owed is a staggering $17 trillion.

Northern Gold signs milling deal with SAS

Canadian Mining Journal | September 18, 2014

Northern Gold Mining of Toronto has signed an agreement with St Andrew Goldfields (SAS) for the milling of at least an 80,000-tonne bulk sample from Northern's Garrcon gold deposit. The deposit forms part of the Garrison…

Discovery commissions tails dam inspection

Canadian Mining Journal | September 18, 2014

In preparation for restarting the MAX mill, Discovery Ventures of Vancouver has hired Klohn Crippen Berger to complete a safety inspection of the dam at the tailings storage facility. The report will be vetted by SRK…

INFOGRAPHIC: The ABC's of filing an IPO

Michael Allan McCrae | September 18, 2014
letters ipo

It's just that easy.

Michael Allan McCrae

Tweet of the day: Deflation in the US

Michael Allan McCrae | September 18, 2014
deflation pic twitter


First Quantum suspends Mauritania operations

Frik Els | September 18, 2014
First Quantum suspends Mauritania operations

Strike action closes Guelb Moghrein copper-gold mine which accounts for 10% of Vancouver company's copper output and a quarter of its gold production.

Illegal mining in Latin America

The Economist | September 18, 2014
Illegal mining is Latin America’s new cocaine

Bonanza, a tropical town in north-eastern Nicaragua, has attracted gold miners since 1880. Still true to its name, it yields over a thousand kilos of the metal every year. But it is a dangerous place.

IamGold to sell Niobec mine

Canadian Mining Journal | September 18, 2014

President and CEO Steve Letwin of IamGold told the Denver Gold Forum that he is confident the company can sell its Niobec mine in Quebec within the next six to 12 months for about $500 million after taxes.

Ontario mines still power Goldcorp

Canadian Mining Journal | September 18, 2014
Canada’s Ontario to invest up to Cdn$1bn in Ring of Fire

Goldcorp has been so growth oriented over the past decade, building new mines across the Americas and snapping up gold assets left and right, it’s easy to forget sometimes just how productive its Ontario gold mines are.

Eric Sprott: get your money ‘out of banks and into something tangible’

Sprott Group | September 18, 2014
Gold ETF buying strongest since November 2012

In a recent call with Eric Sprott, founder of Sprott Inc., he said he was still buying physical gold -and planned to keep buying it for as long as he could.

Eric Coffin: can investors still find tenbaggers?

The Gold Report | September 17, 2014
30 years after Hunt bros, scramble to take over London silver fix

Coffin believes that in the short term a price of $1,200/oz is possible, though there is room now for an oversold bounce.

Fed wipes out 2014 gold price gains

Frik Els | September 17, 2014
Gold price takes Fed hit

Gold price drops to levels last seen in 2013 as Fed continues to withdraw economic stimulus and the dollar surges.

Breaking open the inside of a comet

Michael Allan McCrae | September 17, 2014
what is a comet made of 333

Diamond, graphite and silicon carbide to name a few.

Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Precious Metals

A new fed playbook for the new normal

While many economists and market watchers have failed to notice, we have entered a new chapter in the short and checkered history of central banking.

Mariana Resources secures up to US$6 million investment to fund growth of South American exploration portfolio over the next 12 months

Mariana Resources Ltd. | September 17, 2014

Mariana Resources Ltd is an AIM quoted exploration and development company with an extensive portfolio of gold, silver and copper projects in South America.

Barclays cuts gold price forecast

Frik Els | September 17, 2014
Barclays cuts gold price forecast

Investment banks sees steady price erosion for rest of the year and an average of $1,180 an ounce in 2015 against a "bearish macro backdrop" for the metal.

Are government bonds really ‘safe’?


One of the striking ironies of our modern economy is that government bonds are considered safe-haven investments, while gold is a “barbarous relic” to be avoided at all costs.

China a buyer amid 'colossal imbalances' in central bank gold hoards

Frik Els | September 16, 2014
China a buyer amid 'colossal imbalances' in central bank gold hoards

As in the retail gold market, there's a giant sucking sound in the official sector going East.

Jeff Desjardins and James Fraser look at junior miners in a way that may surprise you

The Mining Report | September 16, 2014
investigation 333

It's never too late to find a new way to evaluate mining companies and Jeff Desjardins, and James Fraser of have developed one based on over 20 different criteria.

Escondida surprise lights fire under copper price

Frik Els | September 16, 2014
Escondida surprise lights fire under copper price

News of labour action at world's largest copper mine sends red metal 2.6% higher.

As lying seems to be the nature of our global leaders, don’t trust any of them

David Levenstein | September 16, 2014

Gold prices have begun this week on a slightly firmer note, reversing the trend of the previous six days, after physical buying emerged in Asia as well as some short covering ahead of a meeting of the U.S. Federal Open …

Turquoise Hill tax break revives Oyu Tolgoi expansion

Frik Els | September 16, 2014
Turquoise Hill tax break revives Oyu Tolgoi expansion

Work on feasibility study for $6bn underground expansion of massive Mongolian copper-gold mine can resume after confirmation tax dispute is settled for $100m less.

Ex-Barrick CEO Sokalsky joins junior Probe Mines as chairman

Travis McPherson - | September 16, 2014
Jamie Sokalsky

This July, after two years at the helm of the world’s largest gold miner, Jamie Sokalsky stepped down as President and CEO of Barrick.

Anger and confusion after worst disaster in Canadian mining history darkens B.C. town

National Post | September 16, 2014
Waste has just stopped leaking from Mount Polley mine

Since that cataclysmic event a cloud has hung over little Likely, a village of perhaps 350 huddled at the top of Quesnel Lake, 600 kilometres north of Vancouver.

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