NLT Introduces the Rebel Cordless Head Lamp for Industrial and Recreational Applications

Toronto, Ontario- With the New Year comes an exciting new product from NL Technologies.  It’s an industrial version of our traditional Northern LightTM mining cap lamp called Rebel.

The Rebel is a LED cordless, light weight head lamp. It’s rechargeable and designed to last for 500 recharges.  It’s rugged, high powered and hands free with 20+ hours of light output and a super high beam for times when you need even more light. Unlike traditional lamps with incandescent bulbs that need to be changed every 1000 hours the Rebel uses maintenance free LED technology that lasts up to 20,000 hours. The Rebel is portable with 3 light settings including a super high 8000 Lux beam, which is higher then anything else available in cap lamps today!  Available with a range of accessories like a belt mounted pouch, a vehicle adaptor for charging, an adjustable clip and magnetic mounts.

Manufactured to exacting mining specifications, now available for industrial and recreational use. Call us today for a distributor in your area.


For more information, please contact NL Technologies via email: [email protected] or by telephone: 416-425-6559 ext 252 or call toll free 1-888-425-6555

About NLT

NL Technologies (NLT) has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the underground mining industry for over twenty years with offices in Canada, Australia, Chile and distribution partners globally. In 2004, NLT leveraged its expertise to launch the Northern Light DigitalTM division, which designs underground tracking and communications systems aimed at improving safety, operating efficiency and preventing mine emergencies. For more information, please visit

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