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Vale CEO Murilo Ferreira to lead Petrobras

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 27, 2015
Vale: Iron ore price to improve second half of the year

Vale's Murilo Ferreira has been nominated as Petrobras' next board chairman, while the company still scrambles to deal with the fallout from a vast corruption scandal.

PetroChina wants to smoothly sail away from the oil sand business

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 27, 2015
PetroChina wants to smoothly sail away from the oil sand business

The oil giant is “actively engaged” in talks to swap North American assets, mostly Canadian, with international oil companies.

With expertise and a little luck, East West petroleum reels in profits despite oil price plunge

The Energy Report | March 27, 2015

CEO David Sidoo tells The Energy Report how shrewd joint ventures and a firm commitment to low costs have led to highly profitable wells in New Zealand and significant upside in Romania.

Alberta’s oil drillers brace for traditional spring slowdown to stretch until next fall — or longer

Financial Post | March 27, 2015

With world oil prices stubbornly stuck at around US$50 per barrel, Western Canada’s weather-related spring drilling slowdown could easily last until next fall — or longer.

Energy regulator staff probed over handling of TransCanada safety violations

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 25, 2015
Energy regulator staff probed over handling of TransCanada safety violations

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) probe centres on the alleged mishandling of claims of natural gas pipeline violations at TransCanada by engineers working for the energy regulator (NEB).

Oil sands improving on environment, but new technology takes time

Canadian Press | March 25, 2015
canadian-oil-sands-producers-hike-output-despite-dim-crude-price - 333

It’s a seemingly small thing, the matter of a dozen or so degrees difference in the water temperature during one part of the lengthy and complex process of squeezing oil from Alberta bitumen.

Here is what it looks like when mining trucks drive across frozen lakes

NASA Earth Observatory | March 24, 2015
Here is what it looks like when mining trucks drive across frozen lakes

In the farthest reaches of northwestern Canada, there are few people and fewer roads. When winter comes, fuel, explosives, and heavy equipment move north in an unusual way: via trucks driving on frozen lakes.

Why are young workers shunning the oil sands?

The Tyee | March 24, 2015

An annual survey of the oil and gas workforce has revealed a surprising trend.

Oil sands faces its biggest test in extended downturn

Bloomberg | March 24, 2015
Critics demand stronger action to tackle increased oil sands pollution

The collapse in the market for Canada’s heavy crude below $30 a barrel last week is hammering home a harsh reality for the nation’s oil-sands producers: There’s no one to save them this time.

Pricey Bank of Canada meeting included trip to oil sands

CBC Ottawa | March 22, 2015

A Bank of Canada junket to the oil sands at Fort McMurray, Alta., helped push the cost of a single board of directors meeting last June to over $100,000, a CBC News analysis shows.

Obama unveils long-awaited fracking rules

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 20, 2015
Obama to announce long-awaited fracking rules

The updated regulations, in the works since 2012, set standards for wells and disposal of wastewater. They also require disclosure of chemicals used.

No end in sight for mining sector gloomy state: report

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 18, 2015
No end in sight for mining sector gloomy state: report

The first two months of 2015 failed miserably to dispel gloomy market conditions affecting the global mining industry, according to a study published Wednesday.


Texas: From shale boom to water revolution

Oilprice.com | March 18, 2015

Texas is famous the world over for two things on a massive scale: oil and droughts. Now the slick but dry state is becoming famous for water: that precious element that both resolves the drought problem and also makes it possible to pump more oil out of the ground.

The US is running out of room to store its oil: Greenspan

Michael Allan McCrae | March 15, 2015
TIL: Alan Greenspan's first job was a metals analyst

"We're probably at the point now where at the current rate of fill we are going to run out of room in Cushing by next month."

Mickey Fulp - Mercenary Geologist

The US dollar is simply the best of all evils

Mining in 2015: Nickel price promises much

The greenback is increasingly viewed as a safe haven, and I expect it to go even higher in 2015.

Stephane Foucaud: How to make money in the chaos of oil and gas

the energy report | March 14, 2015
Mining in 2015: Russian roulette with the gold price

We don't have that level of detail on Russia. Russia is one of the largest producers in the world. Any deviation from the broad assumption of production not dropping this year in Russia could be very meaningful.


Consumers winning with low oil prices, for now

Oilprice.com | March 12, 2015
happy, gas prices, gas pump, lady at pump 333

It is estimated that for every penny gas goes down, consumers collectively save $1 billion.

Tanker fire in Michigan lights up social media

Michael Allan McCrae | March 11, 2015
tanker fire michigan

Only minor injuries were reported.

Glencore in huge Russian oil deal

Frik Els | March 11, 2015
Glencore in huge Russian oil deal

Debt for equity swap deal for 49% of top ten Russian oil producer could be worth as much as $3 billion.


Everyone is guessing when it comes to oil prices

Oilprice.com | March 11, 2015
Oil sands emissions might be higher than reported

Predicting and diagnosing the trajectory of oil prices has become something of a cottage industry in the past year.

When junior markets turn most negative in 35 years, guess where financier Carlo Civelli puts his money?

The Mining Report | March 10, 2015

In this interview with The Mining Report, he shares his secret for finding companies that can create value despite challenging market conditions, and he reveals where he is putting his money today.

Canamax Energy CEO Brad Gabel on what’s preventing M&A in the oilpatch

oilsands shutterstock

During the lunch session at the Subscriber Summit, we invited Mr. Gabel for an interview. Energy and Gold wanted to share some of Mr. Gabel’s oilpatch expertise and outlook with readers.

Contrarian Steve Palmer's balancing act stretches from Western Canada to the East China Sea

The Energy Report | March 6, 2015

Steve Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management has made a career of spotting companies loaded with value, and he tells The Energy Report not only what he looks for, but also where he has found it.

Enbridge to shed costs of oil sand pipelines by $320 million

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 6, 2015
Enbridge to shed costs of oil sand pipelines by $320 million

The planned optimization include the Athabasca Twin and the Wood Buffalo extension projects.

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd plans royalty business spinoff as profit almost triples

Financial Post | March 5, 2015

Canada’s largest heavy oil and natural gas producer, plans to either spin off or sell its royalty land business this year once energy prices have stabilized.


Here's what will send oil prices back up again

Oilprice.com | March 4, 2015
oil worker hiring hays feat

Those claiming that oil will continue to fall from here and remain low for evermore, however, are flying in the face of both history and common sense.

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