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Well-known for its quality diamond tools and drilling equipment, Fordia announces today the launch of a brand new grease series for diamond drilling: BLACK WIDOW heavy-duty rod grease and its biodegradable version, BIO BLACK WIDOW.

In partnership with Robco, a leading manufacturer of industrial lubricants, Fordia expands its product line to include two greases specifically designed to reduce vibration while adequately protecting the drill rod string on diamond drill rods.

BLACK WIDOW is an extra-tacky grease meant to offer optimal performance even in the worst application conditions. Drillers will appreciate that it is great in all climates, whether hot or cold. In very hot seasons and climates, BLACK WIDOW will not liquefy as other greases do. It will also keep its properties even at low temperatures.


Now offering a biodegradable version, with the BIO BLACK WIDOW (over 70% biodegradable!), Fordia's product is an exclusivity in the Canadian market.

"Legislation has already started to change in some areas and our customers have no other choice but to ask for eco-friendly products that deliver performance," mentions Anh Tran, Purchasing Director at Fordia. "Such a product wasn't available on the market until now. We are thrilled to take the opportunity to offer this product as new industry demands emerge."

Manufactured with biodegradable vegetable oils, BIO BLACK WIDOW is a simple choice to minimize the impact of drilling on the environment, especially in eco-sensitive areas. This grease is not only a green product; it also offers better performance and greater anti-oxidation properties than most conventional biodegradable lubricants.


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