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Deep-sea miner Nautilus to get $113m of escrowed funds

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 28, 2014
Deep-sea miner Nautilus to get $113m of escrowed funds

The sum will be given on the completion of the sale of 15% of its Solwara 1 project to an entity nominated by Papua New Guinea.

Michael Torrance - Norton Rose Fulbright

What you need to know about the Canadian government's corporate social responsibility initiative

corporate social responsibility mining norton rose

Being eligible for “enhanced Government of Canada economic diplomacy.”

Stans mining licence rightfully acquired — Kyrgyz Supreme Court

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 18, 2014
Withdrawal of Stans licence is illegal — Kyrgyz Supreme Court

Stans acquired a 20-year mining license for the past-producing Kutessay II rare earth mine in December 2009, but a local company had claimed being the rightful owner of such permit.

3 rare earths companies up over 40 percent year-to-date

Resource Investing News | November 16, 2014

Like the rest of the commodities market, the rare earths sector is definitely less exciting now than it was a few years ago.

Kyrgyz Republic seizes Stans Energy rare earth project

Frik Els | November 13, 2014
Kyrgyz Republic seizes Stans Energy rare earth project

Kyrgyz government moves to revoke Stans Energy's licence for rare earth mine and plant that was the main global source of heavy REEs during the Soviet era.

Canadian miners performance down 15% in Q3 on falling metal prices

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 13, 2014
Canadian miners performance down 15% in Q3 on falling metal prices

Decline was in line with S&P/TSX Composite index, which also plummeted 15% during the quarter.

New research finds manufacturing execs concerned with access to U.S. mineral supply

National Mining Association | November 13, 2014

The survey revealed significant concern among business leaders that current mining policy presents a challenge to their supply chain and that reform is necessary.

CHART: Mining capital crisis continues

Frik Els | November 12, 2014
CHART: Mining capital crisis continues

To keep the lights on 30% of juniors need to raise money within six months, 59% within a year new survey shows.

Ucore uses molecular recognition technology to generate 99%+ pure heavy rare earth concentrate

Newswire | November 12, 2014

The >99% pure HREE Concentrate is a carbonate salt rare earth concentrate ("REC") comprised of heavy rare earths ranging from samarium (Sm) through lutetium (Lu).

With the ongoing global skills shortage within mining is it time to get the job seeker's perspective?

Worldwide Recruitment Solutions | November 12, 2014
local workers

A global survey of over 5,300 job seekers sheds some light on the issues in the war for talent which the Mining sector continues to face.

What slowdown? Mining equipment market to grow 8.4% a year

Frik Els | November 11, 2014
What slowdown? Mining equipment market to grow 8.4% a year

Mining equipment market to grow at compound annual rate of 8.42% to $134 billion through 2019 surpassing the market for construction equipment.

Frank Holmes' advice to investors? Chill

The Gold Report | November 11, 2014
Photo of the big mine truck and dredge

Find out about the indicators Holmes watches to read the market's pulse, and why a +/- 35% move for gold doesn't keep him awake at night.

Jack Lifton: Innovation is the key to rare earth independence

The Mining Report | November 11, 2014
rare earth mining

Centralized modern processing could make it possible for mining companies in the United States, Europe and Australia to start producing truly critical materials with small capex.

Weak oil price, currencies helping miners stay afloat

Frik Els | November 11, 2014

A simple rule of thumb is that price changes have a two-to-one impact on the bottom line, while cost changes have a one-to-one impact.

Deep-sea miner Nautilus to charter ship as floating base

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 6, 2014
Deep-sea miner Nautilus to charter ship as floating base

The ship will accommodate as many as 180 people and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2017.

Molycorp tanks after results

Frik Els | November 5, 2014
Molycorp tanks after results

Shares down 19% after hours after production at its Mountain Pass rare earth mine in California slumps 58% and costs more than double.

Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) reports third quarter 2014 financial results

GlobeNewswire | November 5, 2014

The Company reported consolidated net revenues in the third quarter of 2014 of $123.9 million, a 6% increase over the preceding quarter.

How the Rare Earth Market Could Be Fixed

Equities.com | November 5, 2014

China's geology, cost structure and disregard for environmental degradation have led to rare earth world domination. But the landscape is changing.

Paul Adams: macro trumps micro in resource sector

The Gold Report | November 3, 2014
Dispute over Australia iron ore heats up

Investors in Australia's junior mining sector are feeling the same pain as those in North America but Paul Adams, an analyst with brokerage firm DJ Carmichael in Perth, believes select junior resource companies will outperform the broad markets as macro-level events impact certain commodities.

Mining the Antarctic a big no-no

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 3, 2014
Mining the Antarctic a big no-no

Costs and challenges for mining the Arctic, meanwhile, on their way up.

Mick the Miner in talks to buy Anglo’s assets, no deal tabled

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 3, 2014
Mick the Miner in talks to buy Anglo’s assets, no deal tabled

Sources close to X2 Resources, Davis' new company, have cast doubts on reports that the firm had made an offer.

Russia pushes forward plans to mine the moon

Cecilia Jamasmie | October 28, 2014
Russia is seriously advancing plans to mine the moon

The country's ultimate purpose is to extract rare earth elements, breaking China's dominance and pushing prices down.

INFOGRAPHIC: The basics – creating a stock portfolio

Visual Capitalist | October 27, 2014

With a well-rounded portfolio, it makes it easier to sail through turbulence in the market and come out on top.

Iron ore and rare earth metals mining: an industry under siege?

The Guardian | October 24, 2014

Resource scarcity and human rights issues surrounding metals extraction, coupled with unrelenting global demand mean the industry is facing some tough realities.

The rare earth mine-to-market strategy and the underlying motives

Rockstone Resources | October 22, 2014

As our prior series of articles endeavoured to convey, the rare earth space is complicated with many facets that need to be evaluated to properly assess the quality of a development project (mineralogy/metallurgy, grade/tonnage, rare earth element (REE) distribution, economics, infrastructure, jurisdiction, etc.).

Simon Moores - Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

China admits 40% of magnetic rare earths supply is illegal

China's stake in rare earths market shrinking

World's dominant supplier of rare earth elements reveals a huge portion of supply used in magnets is illegally mined; much larger than initially anticipated

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