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US Congress passes bill on space mining

Cecilia Jamasmie | May 22, 2015
US Congress passes bill on space mining

Welcome to the future.

Can the mining industry diversify itself?

The mining industry is said to be one of the worst performers in matters of gender diversity. In fact, women represent only 16% of the workforce in the mining sector.

Cecilia Jamasmie

Struggling Argentina expects US$14 billion in mining exports

Cecilia Jamasmie | May 21, 2015
Struggling Argentina expects US$14 billion in mining exports

The return to higher exports would be driven in part by at least 16 major projects likely to go into production within five years.

Mining companies could shift market share away from OEMs if product quality is compromised

Timetric | May 19, 2015

As mining companies reinforce their push to minimise costs, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are at risk of losing market share if their product quality, after sales services and inventories, is not improved.

Peruvian discovery may hold ‘hidden pool’ of rare earths

Cecilia Jamasmie | May 19, 2015
Peruvian discovery may hold ‘hidden pool’ of rare earths

Capacscaya also has significant amounts of copper, zinc, cobalt, aluminum and iron ore.

Tantalus Signs Supply Contract with ThyssenKrupp

Tantalus Rare Earths AG | May 13, 2015

Tantalus Rare Earths AG (“Tantalus”) (ISIN DE000A1MMFF4) is delighted to announce the signing of a multi-year supply contract for rare earth oxides with ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products GmbH (“ThyssenKrupp”).

Visual Capitalist

The lithium-ion battery megafactories are coming

Visual Capitalist | May 8, 2015
tesla 400 shutterstock

Production capacity of lithium-ion batteries is anticipated to more than triple by 2020.

Cherry picking season

Colleen - Two small explorers, exploration, Juniors, hiking, trail blazing, heading out 333

Prospecting, whether for precious or base metals, is of course the integral first step in the process of discovery, walking the bush and hammering rocks means boots on the ground.

Rare Earth Salts close to commercialization of separation technology

Rare Earth Salts | May 8, 2015

Work has begun on testing process flow modeling for separations processing and commercial component feasibility. The test work aims to prove process flows and the scalability of RES’ proprietary separations technology.

The strange second life of the US only rare earth mine

Gizmodo | May 6, 2015
China in ‘no hurry’ to lift restrictions on rare earth exports

As a name, Mountain Pass is as generic as they come. But, for a time, the mine supplied most of the metals used in the world’s electronics.

Survival guide for the mother of all bear markets from veteran bottomfisher John Kaiser

The Mining Report | May 5, 2015
Real-bear-walking-in-snow- setting-333

In this frank assessment of everything from gold and diamonds to potash and zinc, Kaiser Research Online author John Kaiser names for The Mining Report readers the companies that could be swept up in a rush to security of supply.

Outside money starts to pour into mining M&A

Frik Els | May 4, 2015
Report: Outside money starting to pour into mining M&A

Mick Davis hasn't spent a cent of his $6bn, but private money and non-mining players' share of M&A has already doubled in less than three years.

Tesla evolves with low cost utility battery launch

Last night Tesla Motors launched a new range of batteries that can power homes and commercial buildings at a fraction of the expected cost.

New report showing increased reshoring means greater U.S. minerals demand

info@mineralsmakelife.org | April 30, 2015
us manufacturing more minerals

Minerals are the bedrock of the manufacturing industry.

Ryan Castilloux's State of the REE Market Address

The Mining Report | April 28, 2015
China's stake in rare earths market shrinking

In this interview with The Mining Report, Castilloux discusses four REE projects that continue to advance, as well as companies making strides with REE extraction and separation technologies.

Life coming back to the global exploration sector

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 27, 2015
Life comes back to the global exploration sector

After five consecutive months of decline, global mining exploration began showing signs of life in March, particularly in the gold sector, a new report shows.

China is burning through its natural resources

Vladimir Basov | April 26, 2015
Slowdown. What slowdown? China's copper, iron ore imports set records

China is the globe's top mining country, but its alarming reserves-to-production ratio is forcing domestic miners to hunt for deals in the rest of the world.

China scrapping rare earth export tax will boost demand — Lynas

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 24, 2015
China scrapping rare earth export tax will boost demand — Lynas

Beijing had been widely expected to eliminate tariffs and quotas on rare earth shipments after a World Trade Organization panel branded them discriminatory last year.

How to make money in renewable energy: NBF's Rupert Merer

The Mining Report | April 22, 2015

Rupert Merer analyzes that growing energy sector for National Bank Financial and tells The Mining Report why betting on the future of renewables is a prudent strategy for profit growth.

Denham Capital's Caroline Donally on private equity in mining

Frik Els | April 17, 2015
Denham Capital's Caroline Donally on private equity in mining

Director of $1bn fund discusses Denham's unique approach, the vibrant parts of the M&A market and what juniors should do to attract capital.

Molycorp to supply rare earths for use in high-efficiency Siemens wind turbine generators

Molycorp, Inc. | April 15, 2015

Molycorp will supply Siemens with rare earth materials over the next 10 years.

Rare earth price rally evaporates

Frik Els | April 13, 2015
Rare earth price rally evaporates

Beijing ups production limits for 2015 by 12% to 52,500 tonnes after exports bounce back, pulling the plug on a brief rally in rare earth prices.

Quebec mining fund ready to pull trigger on $1bn investments

Frik Els | April 8, 2015
Quebec fund ready to pull trigger on $1bn mine investments

Quebec's $1 billion Capital Mines Hydrocarbures fund is close to buying equity stakes in mining projects outside iron ore worth as much as $200m a shot.

Signs of life for mining M&A

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 8, 2015
Wave of mining deals expected this year amid commodity rout — report

Mining transactions almost doubled last year and the trend is likely to stretch over 2015, as lower commodity prices are making some unprofitable.

North Korea to extract maximum benefit from rare earth resources

MINING.com Editor | April 6, 2015

Many countries, notably China, Japan and South Korea, are scrambling for the abundant rare earth resources of North Korea, enabling the Kim Jong-un regime to extract maximum economic and political gains.

Texas Rare Earth Resources and AREVA subsidiary sign uranium offtake agreement

Marketwired | April 6, 2015
Texas Rare Earth Resources and AREVA Subsidiary Sign Uranium Offtake Agreement

According to the agreement, TRER will supply up to 300,000 pounds of natural uranium concentrates (U308) per year based upon a pricing formula indexed to U308 spot prices at the times of delivery.

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