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Codelco halts world's largest open pit copper mine over strike

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 28, 2015
Codelco halts world's largest open pit copper mine over strike

Things took a turn for the worse Friday, when a worker was shot dead by police near the company's smaller Salvador mine in northern Chile.

Inflation Deniers Emboldened by Gold's Struggles | July 27, 2015

The vultures are circling. Precious metals bulls, laid flat by gold and silver prices dropping for the 5th week in a row, are watching deflationists such as Harry Dent and the financial media squawk about the imminent demise of precious …

First Majestic announces friendly acquisition of Silvercrest Mines

First Majestic Silver Corp. | July 27, 2015
Silver bars

"Combined company with production of well over 20 million silver equivalent ounces per year"

Loonie headed to 75 cents by autumn:BMO

Business in Vancouver | July 27, 2015
biv loonie headed to 75 cents by autumn - bmo - 333

Canadians can expect the value of the loonie to drop even further this summer, reaching US$0.75 — or perhaps even lower — according to economists at BMO.

Underground gold miner ordered to stop production by BC gov't

Michael Allan McCrae | July 27, 2015
british_columbia map shutterstock

Banks Island Gold accused of pollution spills

Jordan Roy-Byrne – The Daily Gold

Gold miners nearing rebound

Taziast gold mine 333

As we pen this on Thursday evening it appears Friday could be a nasty day if Gold breaks below $1080/oz. Nevertheless, the odds now favor a rebound in the weeks ahead and especially in the gold miners.

New study: Costs of permitting delays to mining projects

National Mining Association | July 24, 2015
Colleen - Approved, permit, granted, seal of approval, stamped, permission granted 333

Study shows half of a mining project's value can be lost due to permitting delays.

US mining policy and global competitiveness

National Mining Association | July 24, 2015
Seven familiar names shortlisted to head Anglo American

Mark Fellows, director of metals consulting at SNL Metals & Mining, explains why permitting delays happen, what they’re costing our economy and how to fix it.

Coal slump hits Teck’s profit, output forecast

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 23, 2015
Coal slump hits Teck’s profit, output forecast

The Vancouver-based miner profit fell 21% in the quarter, making it adjust its 2015 coal production forecast to 25-26 million tonnes from 26.5-27.5 million tonnes.

Gabriel files for international arbitration against Romania

Market Wire | July 21, 2015

Dispute over Roşia Montană gold and silver project.

Tommy Humphreys

Four reasons a buying opportunity is fast approaching in gold

Tommy Humphreys | July 20, 2015
cadillac hearse gold

Is the coffin is closing for the long-term gold bull market?

Calibre Drilling intersects 19.2 metres grading 223.4 g/t Silver and 9.44 Metres Grading 488.6 g/t Silver on the Blag Gold-Silver Vein System, Eastern Borosi Project, Nicaragua

Market Wire | July 20, 2015

Drilling on the Main Blag Structure has intersected 5.37 metres grading 2.99 g/t gold and 31.6 g/t silver.

Jordan Roy-Byrne – The Daily Gold

Where is support for precious metals markets?

The gold miners have broken below their 2008 to 2014 support while Silver is essentially trading at a six year low.

Extremes become more extreme

GoldMoney | July 17, 2015
Gold and silver shining bright—hit three-month highs

On the New York Stock Exchange margin debt has hit all-time records at $500bn, roughly double that at the top of the dot-com bubble in 2000 when valuations rose to the highest ever recorded.

Planetary Resources' first spacecraft begins testing asteroid prospecting technology

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 16, 2015
Planetary Resources' first spacecraft begins testing asteroid prospecting technology

The Arkyd 3 Reflight (A3R) will spent its three-month orbiting mission sending back data to a group of scientists based at the firm’s headquarters in Redmond, WA.

Part II: Will mining boom again, Dad?

Brent Cook | July 16, 2015

Don't hold your breath kid. It’s bleak out there and we have a 10-year super commodity bull to work off this time.

What was it like, Dad?

Brent Cook | July 15, 2015

We lost nearly everyone on that journey which began so optimistically—and naively.

Gwen Preston - Resource Maven

Little left to lose

Perhaps. But when a sector is so downtrodden that it barely shrugs at major global economic events, there is little left to lose.

Only permanent supply cuts can lift metal prices

Frik Els | July 14, 2015
Permanent supply cuts needed to lift metal prices

The availability of cheap money has seen boards postpone hard decisions about uneconomic capacity says Macquarie in new report.

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: Data shows investing is heavily biased by Geography

Visual Capitalist | July 14, 2015
Data shows investing is heavily biased by Geography - percentage map

For investors, there’s no place like home. Data shows that investors are heavily sector-biased based on where they live.

Greeks can’t tap cash, gold, silver in safety deposit boxes | July 14, 2015
Gold coins falling stack

The notion that safe deposit boxes – facilities that are used by many precious metals investors and others seeking to safeguard their wealth and valuables – need to come under capital controls to protect against bank runs is a dubious one.

Silver to hitch ride on solar growth: infographic

Visual Capitalist | July 12, 2015
Solar power to replace coal as world's top electricity source by 2050 — IEA

For every gigawatt of solar power, approximately 2.8 million ounces of silver are needed.

Mining company sheds portion of Nunavut gold mine, for now

Nunatsiaq News | July 12, 2015

On the heels of what they described as a “very compelling”feasibility study for the Back River gold project in western Nunavut, Sabina Gold and Silver Corp. says it hopes to have a final environmental impact study done by this November.

Scientists, environmentalists call for freeze in deep sea mining permits

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 10, 2015
scientists-call-for-freeze-in-deep-sea-mining-permits - 400

A group of scientists is asking international authorities to temporarily halt the approval of new underwater mining contracts until further environmental controls are put in place.

Chile’s Codelco to issue $2.5 billion in bonds amid copper prices collapse

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 9, 2015
Chile’s Codelco to issue $2.5 billion in bonds amid copper prices collapse

Though very few talk about it, Codelco is still suffering the consequences of a deal it signed with China's Minmetals back in 2006.

GRAPHS: Gold's ever shrinking role in world financial system

Frik Els | July 8, 2015
GRAPHS: Gold's ever shrinking role in world financial system

Paper beats rock.

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