China Mining News

Where will oil prices go after Algiers?

The outcome of negotiations in Algeria this week may not do much to rescue oil prices.

Coal rally puts the breaks on asset sales in sector

Prices above $200 a tonne are suddenly making companies that mine the steel-making commodity unattractive.

At least 9 killed, 11 trapped in Chinese coal mine accident

A gas explosion ripped through the colliery in the northern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

China buys record North Korean coal as sanctions ignored

It appears that China is interpreting the "people's well-being" as meaning North Korea should be able to export record amounts of coal in defiance of sanctions against the rogue nuclear-armed state.

Stunning coking coal rally wreaks havoc in steel, iron ore

Coking coal/iron ore ratio at 16-year low.

Chinese coal companies to boost thermal coal output to placate steel mills 

Cranking up production is actually the opposite of what Beijing wants to do for Chinese coal.

Large lead, zinc deposit found in Xinjiang

A large lead and zinc deposit, allegedly China's largest, has been discovered in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, local authorities announced on Sunday.

No end to uranium price plunge

"Some producers need to move material for cash flow purposes and we have seen some pretty aggressive selling in the past few weeks."

Canada-US gold mining revenues fall behind

Asia-Pacific, Africa top tables with revenues of $20 billion and $16 billon annually.

Africa gold reserves now worth $1.5 TRILLION

In situ gold reported by explorers and mining companies active on the continent.

Tin use stable to slightly stronger by year-end, ITRI Survey shows

ITRI’s twelfth annual survey of tin users gathered data from tin users worldwide between June and August 2016.

Here’s what 50 million extra tonnes of iron ore will do to prices

Prices for the steel-making ingredient are down by 9.8% over a month ago and most of the massive projects expected to come on stream this year are not producing at full steam yet.

Rio Tinto is no longer worried about China’s growth

The world’s second largest miner says is now rather “cautiously optimistic” in relation to what China's effect on commodity prices has in store.

Rio Tinto’s rare pink, red and violet diamonds showcased in Hong Kong

The 2016 Tender, named the “Chroma Collection” because of its potency of colour, comprises 57 pink diamonds, two violet diamonds and four red diamonds and weighs a total of 58.24 carats.

One graph all iron ore price bears should see

"China’s steel use will also reflect its maturing economic structure and consumerization."

Coking coal prices go gangbusters — up almost 150%

The commodity added $14.80 per tonne on Tuesday alone. Its trading now at almost $200 per tonne.

Panic buying sees coking coal price jump 20% in a week

Parabolic rise to hit $180 a tonne on Friday prompts talk of a bubble in steelmaking coal market.

Chinese deal gives fresh boost to thermal coal price

Under the new plan, Chinese miners will cut or boost output to keep coal prices within a desired range.

Rare earths: Battling China’s monopoly after Molycorp’s demise?

Will China’s 95% control of the global rare earths market remain unchallenged?

Mongolia readies to revive its giant Tavan Tolgoi coal mine

Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi (ETT), the state-owned company that holds the license to the deposit, has already begun evaluating bids and calculating the potential economic benefits of restarting it.

US, China climate pact devastating for coal price

New study forecasts global thermal coal trade to shrink by 373 million tonnes per year, leading to minimum 30% fall in coal prices post 2020.

Near record China imports can't hold up iron ore price

August shipments third best month on record as price slips to six-week low and BHP warns of new supply pushing prices down further.

China cargoes keep copper price positive

For the first eight months copper concentrate imports are up 35% at nearly 11 million tonnes.

Most of those roads and railways that China built were a waste, study

"A firm that systematically makes negative NPV investments will run itself aground."

Eldorado Gold exits China, sells Jinfeng mine for $300 million

The move marks the Vancouver-based miner exit from China.