The idea for the Kitimat oil refinery came from Arizona

Vaughn Palmer in the Vancouver Sun explores how David Black got the idea to propose a $13 billion oil refinery to be built in Kitimat and refine oil from the Northern Gateway pipeline.

The roots of the idea came from a scuttled proposal to build a similar non-polluting refinery in Yuma, Arizona:

Arizona Clean had already spent more than $10 million on engineering and other design work. Black was able to obtain access to that material at a bargain-basement price, providing some of the raw material he’ll need for the application he intends to file next month under the B.C. environmental approval process.

The work will have to be adapted for the Kitimat venture, which would be significantly more ambitious than the last published specs for the Yuma refinery, processing 550,000 barrels of oil a day versus 200,000 barrels and costing an estimated $13 billion versus $4 billion.

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