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$60 billion for mining private equity a myth

Frik Els | March 26, 2015
$60 billion for mining private equity a myth

Looking for an exit or a lifeline? Look further says $8 billion fund manager.

Congo’s planned mining code changes 'too risky': miners

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 26, 2015
Congo’s planned mining code changes 'too risky': miners

The country's Chamber of Mines says the new code would send the mining industry back by at least 10 years.

Frik Els

Mining private equity: It's Davis or bust?

Frik Els | March 25, 2015
Mining private equity: It's Davis or bust?

Until Mick Davis pulls the trigger on X2's $5.6 billion, wishful thinking and unhealthy skepticism will pervade talk around private equity and mining.

Gwen Preston - Resource Maven

Exciting days at the bottom

codelco 200 million revamp mines feat

The broad bottom is in – and well settled in, seemingly, with at least another summer of sideways markets ahead. But time isn't a bad thing.

Putting Uganda on the global mining map

Diana Taremwa Karakire | March 24, 2015
Watchdog censors mining firms in Uganda for ignoring locals’ rights

Following a $75m national mineral survey, Uganda has proposed a wide range of tax breaks ahead of a planned mining and exploration licensing round.

Rick Rule: The recovery I saw for uranium has been postponed

Sprott's Thoughts | March 23, 2015

2015 is well underway and starting to look at lot like 2014. Commodity markets remain weak with uranium, copper, gold and oil prices still near their lows.

South Africa woes cast doubt on BHP spin-off success

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 23, 2015
South Africa woes cast doubt on BHP spin-off South32 success

There are a number of challenges South32 is likely to face, including potential Black Economic Empowerment ownership concessions and power price hikes.

Honeywell lockout at Illinois uranium plant coming to an end

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 23, 2015
Honeywell lockout at Illinois uranium plant coming to an end

The seven-month work stoppage as crippled the U.S. only facility that converts uranium oxide into hexafluoride, used as fuel in nuclear power plants.

WA keen to take QLD’s unwanted uranium dollars

Australian Mining | March 20, 2015

Western Australia’s Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion says the Queensland government’s decision to ban uranium mining is good news for WA.

No end in sight for mining sector gloomy state: report

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 18, 2015
No end in sight for mining sector gloomy state: report

The first two months of 2015 failed miserably to dispel gloomy market conditions affecting the global mining industry, according to a study published Wednesday.

Why Goldman Sachs is wrong about commodity prices: Philip Richards

The Mining Report | March 18, 2015
Bulldozer in open-pit cooper mine

In this interview with The Mining Report, Richards discusses his outlook for oil, gold, vanadium, zinc and nickel, and profiles companies with projects that will see the light of day even in harsh price environments.

Gwen Preston - Resource Maven

Selectivity and patience: Resource investing today

Spread your dollars amongst takeout candidates, major miners, and juniors with the best odds of outperforming when the markets start to move. Then wait.

Tommy Humphreys: An inside look: How mining titans like Giustra, Lundin, and Beaty are playing the downturn

Palisade Capital Corp | March 17, 2015

Since Tommy regularly spends time with the sharpest minds of the natural resource sector (Lundin, Gisutra, Casey, etc.), we know how valuable his perspective is.

BHP's South32 spinoff to cost $738m

Frik Els | March 16, 2015
BHP spinoff could be worth $12 billion

Board proposes to give shareholders one share in the $12bn spin-off company for every BHP share owned, but the whole process comes with hefty fees.

‘Zombie’ miners pulling down TSX Venture exchange

Business in Vancouver | March 16, 2015

The plug should be pulled on these marginal junior miners, say investors.

China builds nuclear reactors in earthquake-prone Pakistan, in defiance of international ban

MINING.com Editor | March 15, 2015

Pressing ahead.

Rio Tinto to axe hundreds of jobs as part of drastic restructuring

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 9, 2015
Rio Tinto to axe hundreds of jobs as part of drastic restructuring

The company recently announced its intention to merge the copper and coal divisions, reducing Rio's businesses to just four main groups.

Struggling Australian junior to grow cannabis in Canada

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 9, 2015
Struggling Australian junior to grow cannabis in Canada

The move makes of Capital Mining the first ASX-listed, Canada-based company to hold a stake in a licensed marijuana grower.

Cameco gets approval for its Australian Kintyre uranium mine

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 6, 2015

After more than four years of consultation and environmental studies, the miner has been granted conditional approval by Western Australia’s authorities.

Fission Uranium's Randhawa 'smells a flip'

Frik Els | March 5, 2015
Fission Uranium's Randhawa 'smells a flip'

Latest find turns Athabasca deposit into a "two headed monster" says Fission CEO, who's gathering banks, miners and private equity for "an auction".

Favourable tax measures announced for mining investors

The government has extended the 15% Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for investors in flow-through shares for an additional year, until March 31, 2016.

Australia can leverage its "doorstep" position with Asia to drive uranium exports – Toro Energy executive

Toro Energy | March 3, 2015

PDAC delegates in Toronto told overnight that emerging powerhouse economies would drive the future global demand for uranium, nowhere more so than that from China and India.

Mongolia fined $100M for expropriating uranium mine

MINING.com Editor | March 3, 2015
Effects of court ruling feat

An international arbitration tribunal has ordered Mongolia to fork over $100 million for expropriating the Dornod uranium project from Khan Resources (CNSX:KRI) back in 2009.

Fission Uranium Corp eyes minority investor as discovery grows more exciting

Financial Post | March 3, 2015
Fission Uranium stock skyrocket after doubling up resource estimate

Fission Uranium Corp. is looking to sell a sizable minority stake in itself as its massive uranium discovery in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin continues to expand.

Poor market conditions put major chill on global exploration

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 2, 2015
Poor market conditions put chill on global exploration

Global exploration spending dropped 26% in last year, compared with 2013, as several juniors threw in the towel and producing miners slammed the brakes on capital and exploration expenditure.

Hearings start Monday on new uranium mine in Canadian Arctic

Andrew Topf | March 1, 2015
Global downturn takes a toll on Canada’s north 'mining boom': report

Hearings starting on Monday for a new uranium mine in Canada's Nunavut territory are attracting opposition from environmentalists and local First Nations who say the Kiggavik project impinges on important caribou calving grounds.

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