MICROMINE’s mobile app update lets you get more control over your mine from your phone

MICROMINE is pleased to announce the latest version of its mobile app, Pitram Connect v1.2.2, is now available for download. The app is available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad (iOS10 and above) and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets (6.0 Marshmallow and above).

Pitram Connect is a mobile application which provides users with access to their key mining data through using their smartphones and tablets. Pitram Connect retrieves information relating to people, equipment, production, locations and materials without directly impacting mine control personnel or having to be at a workstation.

Pitram Connect saves time, reduces radio traffic and the likelihood of misinterpretation, allowing the mine controller to focus on maintaining data integrity without interruption. Mine managers can gain visibility to the current status of their operations.

“Pitram Connect has been increasingly popular with Pitram users since its release last year. The added flexibility of a mobile application provides Pitram users access to key mining data no matter their location, improving the overall decision-making process” Pitram Product Strategy Manager Gareth Dean commented.

The new version Pitram Connect v1.2.2, includes several new features and enhancements:

  • Added ‘active list’ filtering to equipment view
  • Equipment card will now show production rate as per Data Acquisition
  • Equipment and Locations views now have filter dialogs accessed from badge buttons
  • Performance line graph now displays a grid, and shows latest measure value on x axis label
  • Active list requests are now URL encoded
  • Various small bug fixes and enhancements

“Usability has been a key focus for our Pitram development team and we feel these updates will allow for a smooth, efficient and responsive user experience” Mr Dean added.

Designed by MICROMINE specialists, Pitram Connect offers mine sites seamless third-party data integration through Pitram Restful Integration Services (PRIS) and is available on your mobile phone and tablet (Apple and Android).

To find out more and to start downloading, please visit our Pitram Connect webpage.