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$10,000 diamond stolen in New Brunswick

Photo: Saint John Regional Police

New Brunswick Regional police are trying to identify a middle-aged couple that stole a $10,000 diamond from W. Smith and Company Fine Jewellers in Saint John, a week ago.

The thieves didn’t perform any act of violence or aggression. They did, however, display cunning and careful planning when they switched the original jewel with a fake one in a matter of seconds.

According to Wayne Smith, owner of the jewellery, they asked to take a look at the now-stolen one-carat diamond, then they began to argue as a distraction, and immediately the man requested to see a 1.5 carat stone worth $25,000. While the saleswoman was reaching for a comparison chart, they made the switch.

“He was very quick. You will see him (on the security camera video) drop the fake stone and grab the real stone and slide it in his back pocket. They tried to get the second stone and that’s when she caught them. And it was only after they left the store that she went back to the first stone, and realized they got us,” Smith told The Canadian Press.

Although the owner wasn’t there when the incident happened, the fact that the images from the video are so clear prompted him to speak up. He hopes the public can help nab the pair.

Photo: Saint John Regional Police.

Photo: Saint John Regional Police.