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All of the world’s gold bullion visualized at once

A slick new infographic from provides readers with a vivid reminder of the sheer paucity of physical gold on our planet by providing a comparative visual depiction of all the gold ever mined in human history.

Assuming prices hit $2000/oz, a single bar of gold, which weighs 12.44 kg, is worth $800,000.

According to Demonocracy’s data all of the gold ever mined in history weighs 166,500 tonnes in total, which while hefty in mass would be equivalent in size to a modest office building if all piled together.

Just slightly over half of all the world’s gold is used in jewellery, at 84,200 tonnes, or 50.5%. Another 31,000 tonnes, or 18.7%, is reserved for private investment purposes, with another 29,000 tonnes, or 17.4%, held by the world’s governments.

View Demonocracy gold infographic here>>