Alrosa unveils detection device for polished diamonds

Rough-diamond prices fell 18% in 2015 as slowing Chinese demand and an industry-wide credit crunch curbed purchases. Many believe synthetic gems also cut into diamonds sales. (Image courtesy of ALROSA.)

Concerned about the increasing threat than synthetic diamonds entering the supply chain represent to those who mine the real thing, Russia’s Alrosa (MCX:ALRS), has developed a detection device that verifies the authenticity of polished gems.

The instrument was created by the diamond miner, the world’s No.1 producer by output, and the Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials, Alrosa said in a statement.

The novel gadget can identify natural polished diamonds, polished rocks manufactured from synthetic and treated diamonds, as well as non-diamond imitations (simulants), such as cubic zirconia and moissanite.

Weighing less than 1.5 kg, the device is very easy to use, said Alrosa, adding that it’s planning to begin selling it next year.

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