Buenaventura resumes Julcani and Orcopampa operations as blockades cease

Credit: Buenaventura

Buenaventura (NYSE: BVN), Peru’s largest publicly traded precious metals mining company, announced on Tuesday that road blockades near its Julcani and Orcopampa mines have ceased completely and peacefully, and the operations will resume as normal.

Earlier this month, Buenaventura reported that political protests throughout Peru has adversely affected supply routes to the country’s mines, blocking the entrance to its Julcani and Orcopampa operations located in the provinces of Angaraes and Castilla respectively.

As a result of the blockades, the company initiated a temporary stoppage of the Julcani and Orcopampa operations, and has maintained minimum personnel required for essential activities only.

Buenaventura said that there has been no damage to its property or assets, and all other Buenaventura mining assets are still operating under normal conditions.

The resumption of mining activities at Julcani and Orcopampa will now enable the company to meet its 2022 production guidance, which for Julcani is set at 2.4-2.7 million oz. silver and 70,000-75,000 oz. gold for Orcopampa.