China and Argentina to strengthen mining cooperation

Photo by China Mining TJ.

During the China Mining Congress & Expo held in Tianjin, the Chinese Minister of Land and Resources Cao Weixing said that the Asian giant is very interested in “intensifying investment trade and cooperation” with Argentina.

According to the press agency Telam, Cao talked to the Argentinean Deputy Secretary of Mining Development, Mario Capello, about three specific proposals. “I want to keep up with the enthusiasm in terms of the commercial exchange at the highest levels that we already have. I would also like to broaden land and mineral surveys across the entire country, and I would also like to promote cooperation among Argentinean-Chinese companies so that we can advance several projects in mining areas,” he said (translated from Spanish).

With his words, the Chinese official wanted to praise up a mining cooperation agreement signed by Presidents Xi Jinping and Mauricio Macri earlier this year.

Capello, on the other hand, said that his Chinese counterpart was very happy with Argentina’s decision to prioritize copper exploration projects. “This strategy of developing our largest deposits will help support China’s growth while creating new jobs, boosting small and medium-sized businesses, and supporting social development in Argentina,” he said (translated from Spanish).

Both governments are expected to sign a number of joint ventures to further develop mining and geological research projects in the South American country.