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Glencore chairman defends climate policy

Glencore is the world's largest exporter of seaborne coal.

The world’s most controversial mine is in a hole

Australia's Carmichael coal mine may never make a profit.

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10 die in China coal mine blast

A blast in a coal mine in China killed 10 people, officials said Monday. The blast, due to accumulation of gas inside the mine, took place Sunday night in southwest Guizhou province, Xinhua reported.

Fans curious to know if ‘Coal’ will return to TV

Even without a television crew filming every move they make underground, the coal miners who work at Cobalt Coal's Westchester Mine in Big Sandy are running coal and getting better at it according to Mike Crowder, Cobalt's chief executive officer.

Film mines rich seams of history

Hiroko Kumagai will never forget the day in 1998 when she first stepped inside the red-brick building at the entrance to the closed and shuttered Miyahara shaft in the Miike coal mine. Image from YouTube

Casualties from coal mine explosions fall sharply in China

The number of deaths caused by coal mine gas explosions in China declined sharply during the first half of this year, coal mine safety authorities said. A total of 245 people died in 62 gas explosions that occurred between January and June this year, a year-on-year reduction of 31.2 and 25.3 percent respectively, the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety said.

China demand for resources to rise

China will need large quantities of Australian raw materials as its industrialisation and urbanisation race ahead, despite concerns about weak global economic conditions, Australian Trade Minister Craig Emerson said on Friday. Emerson also hinted that a fall in the Australian dollar amid the volatility that has jolted global financial markets for the past week was good, saying its strong currency had hurt manufacturing and exporters.

Forbes Coal reports first quarter 2012 run of mine production of 311,000 tonnes, a 45 pct increase over three months ended February 28, 2011

Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corp.announced its first quarter financial results for the three months ended May 31, 2011. First quarter financial highlights were the following: revenue of $19.6 million; gross profit of $4.2 million; and consolidated EBITDA of $5.6 million and Slater Stand Alone EBITDA of $6.2 million (see non- GAAP measures); and cash and cash equivalents of $19.8 million. The average monthly revenue for the first quarter 2012 was $6.5 million. In fiscal 2011, from the date of acquisition to February 28, 2011 (a seven month period), average monthly revenue was $3.9 million. This represents a 65% increase in average monthly revenue.

Afghanistan vows to "set standards" on child labor in mines

For around $2 a day some Afghan children as young as 10 work long hours in the country's coal mines with no safety gear and, until now, no government mining policy to protect them. While national law allows Afghan children to work up to 35 hours a week from the age of 14, they are not allowed to do hazardous jobs such as mining.