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Czech Republic to file legal action against Poland over Turow mine

The expansion of the mine has upset environmental groups as…

South32 posts profit rise on rebound in commodities demand

Australian miner posted a slight increase in half-year profit, and…

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Apprentices ditch training for highly paid mine jobs

The WA Government has urged apprentices to stick with their training after new figures indicating four out of ten drop out. At some major training providers up to half of all apprentices quit in their first year, with many moving on to highly paid but unskilled mining jobs.

EU agrees, Kosovo needs coal power

Aleksandra Tomczak, writing for the World Coal Association, says the European Commission is supporting World Bank funding for a new coal-powered plant in Kosovo.

Coals to Newcastle for the first time in half a century

The Independent reports the first coal to be mined in Newcastle upon Tyne for more than 50 years could be dug on the site of a 21st century science park ahead of construction. Up to 60,000 tonnes of coal lie below what was a brewery until recently. The area was mined extensively in the 18th century and the various workings underneath make present-day building work perilous.

Wesfarmers slashes coal price but experts see no reason to panic

The price of coking coal is likely to remain buoyant despite a recent price cut by Wesfarmers and softening Chinese demand for steelmaking inputs. Wesfarmers, an Australian conglomerate based in Perth, over the weekend cut the price it receives for its Curragh coal to US$280 a tonne over the next three months. The move prompted analysts to consider whether coal, like several commodities like copper, nickel, and zinc, is the next domino to fall as slowing global growth pinches commmodities.

Keystone Industries could hire more workers if the permitting would hurry up: Scholl

Tom Scholl, CEO of Keystone Industries, told CNBC that he could put more people to work but the U.S. federal government is standing in the way. Scholl said the states are working "pretty close" with the mining companies. It is the federal government that is holding up mining and not working fast enough on permitting. Scholl singled out the US Army Corp of Engineers as creating the slowdown. "We are the Saudi Arabia of coal in the United Stats. It is a great export commodity. And any time you export it it is going to create a lot of jobs."

Coal is an energy drink?

The Renewable Energy Accountability Project has developed some hit and miss advocacy ads. The latest attempt at producing a viral video takes aim at coal. Renewable Energy Accountability Project is lobbying for greater use of renewable energy sources.

Arch Coal lowers guidance, stock declines 5%

Arch Coal (NYSE:ACI), one of the world's top five coal producers, declined 5.14% on Friday after lowering guidance. Arch Coal expects earnings to be $900 million to $1.0 billion range and adjusted earnings per diluted share to be in the range of $1.00 per share to $1.40 per share. "The reduction in earnings guidance resulted largely from lost metallurgical coal production at the Mountain Laurel complex," said the company in a statement.

Sedgman wins A$85 million Codrilla coal handling contract

The Thiess Sedgman Joint Venture (TSJV) has been awarded a A$85 million contract to design, procure, construct and commission a Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) at the Codrilla coal mine on behalf of Macarthur Coal (C&M Management), the manager of the Coppabella Moorvale Joint Venture (CMJV).