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Spearmint Resources acquires Ontario PGM project

The Vancouver-based company took a hold of the Escape Lake…

Gold price backs off from new 7-year high

Gold fell from a fresh seven-year high on Monday as…

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Aquarius Platinum puts Everest Mine on care and maintenance

Due to an platinum market that is an “abiding surplus”, the board at Aquarius Platinum (LON:AQP) placed its Everest mine on care […]

Aquarius halts mining after platinum falls

Aquarius Platinum, the world’s fourth-largest platinum producer by volume, has responded to a fall in prices for the precious metal by mothballing a mine jointly owned with Anglo Platinum, arguing that production had become uneconomic.


What a whippy week it was. Volatility spiked and then subsided into the end of the week which meant it was a great day-trading environment but then that petered off as ranges tightened for markets and stocks into the end of the week.

An ‘abundance’ of targets for asteroid miners

"Space is big. Really Big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely, mind-bogglingly big," as the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy once noted. About the only thing nearly as big, it seems safe to say, are today's hopes of making money exploring space.