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Scientists find efficient way to extract REE from acid mine drainage

Researchers at Penn State University developed a two-stage treatment process for acid mine drainage that enabled them to recover higher concentrations of […]

Pensana shares up on new drill results in Angola

Company reported final assay results from the last 86 holes…

Diversifying the tungsten supply chain

Most of the world’s tungsten is extracted from mines throughout…

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Molycorp fires up new rare earths plant

Molycorp, the company in the process of expanding and modernizing a mine and processing plant closed down in 2002, this week announced the sequential start-up of its Project Phoenix rare earth manufacturing facility.

The next Molycorp? Frontier says it can produce rare earths by 2015

Mining and processing rare earths is a tricky business. Processing the materials is costly, and the supply of the 17 elements used in manufacturing everything from smart phones to electric cars and missile guidance systems is pretty much sewn up by China, which has 95% of the production.

Rare Earth element found far, far away; tellurium detected for the first time in ancient stars

Nearly 13.7 billion years ago, the universe was made of only hydrogen, helium and traces of lithium — byproducts of the Big Bang. Some 300 million years later, the very first stars emerged, creating additional chemical elements throughout the universe. Since then, giant stellar explosions, or supernovas, have given rise to carbon, oxygen, iron and the rest of the 94 naturally occurring elements of the periodic table.