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Zinc fights the common cold

Zinc may be good for your everyday galvanizing and diecasting, but it may also be good at fighting colds. According to the Cochrane Collaboration, zinc taken as a lozenge or syrup reduced the duration and severity of the common cold in healthy people. "People taking zinc are also less likely to have persistence of their cold symptoms beyond seven days of treatment. Zinc supplementation for at least five months reduces incidence, school absenteeism and prescription of antibiotics for children with the common cold."

Silvercorp up 4 per cent after positive preliminary assessment

Silvercorp announced on Thursday that it received a positive preliminary assessment for its Silvertip silver-lead-zinc project in northern British Columbia. Silvercorp's stock was up 4% on the TSX on Friday. The report prepared by Golder Associates favoured a small mine and mill operating seasonally at 500 tonne per day or 72,000 tonne per year. "The initial capital cost of the project is estimated to be $US49 million with sustaining capital costs over the remaining mine life (21 years) estimated at $US54.2 million. The payback period is estimated at 4 years for the base case and 2 years for the upside case after reaching commercial production."