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Deep Earth structures may reveal location of untapped base metal deposits

A new study proposes a high-tech treasure map that provides…

Global zinc production poised for gains – report

Elevated zinc prices relative to historical levels will incentivise investment…

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Vale vs IMF: Who are you going to believe?

Using the dismal science to make forecasts and taking risks with real money are two very different things. And the Brazilian giant is definitely putting its money where its mouth is.

The ‘lunar trajectory’ of Canadian mining investment

The source of the surge in mining investment has been quite diverse, reflecting the widespread advance in prices. For 2012, gold leads the way with $3.6 billion of capital spending. But not far behind are copper-nickel-zinc mines at $3 billion, potash at $2.9 billion and iron ore at $2.7 billion as the Labrador Trough is developed.

Lack of mining law costs Honduras US$3 billion

Over $3 billion and near 15,000 job positions. That is the cost to Honduras, the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, as a result of a lack of rules for mining companies operating or wishing to explore in the country.