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Breaker Technology appoints new distributor in Sudbury mining market

Breaker Technology (BTI), the world-leading manufacturer of rockbreaking technology, and Creighton Rock Drill Ltd., an industry-leading Eastern Ontario distributor of aggregate and mining equipment, announce their distribution partnership for BTI mining equipment in Ontario. BTI's move to partner with Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. comes in an effort as both companies strive to improve their customer service and support in the mining industry.

Breaker technology awarded silver in science & technology competition

For BTI, the project at Xincheng Gold Mine was an ideal opportunity to develop its Breaker Intel System further to include multi-boom operation, another stepping stone in BTI's development towards full automation of rockbreaker systems. According to Sissons, its next steps are now to add automated movements, allowing the operator to perform a few simple, routine sequences such as "park" or "deploy" with the touch of a button.

BTI is ALL IN at MINExpo 2016

BTI’s commitment to being ALL IN the mining industry continues despite industry downturns. BTI will be showcasing its latest innovations for a new generation of mining productivity and safety at MINExpo 2016.

BTI’s Mine Runner keeps mines ahead of the grade

Breaker Technology Inc.'s (BTI) MINE RUNNER All Purpose Vehicle powers future-focused mining operations aimed at increased productivity, lower emissions and safety. With Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD) motors, the MINE RUNNER is designed and built for a demanding underground environment, providing greater power and extended maintenance and duty cycles, keeping mines ahead of the grade.