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Digitalization and mining: How to make sense of the data in minerals processing?

 The third wave of digitalization is taking the mining industry by storm. Not everyone is riding on top of the highest wave, but instead trying to settle on their surfboards and figuring out how to go forward. For example, do age, connectivity and heterogeneity of the fixed plant assets restrict the speed, and what is there to gain? Are autonomously optimized equipment, high asset availability and uptime, and safer and more predictable operations achievable goals? How could the right partner help us win the race?

The new rubber-lined truck body hauls nearly 9 tonnes more payload

Terrafame mine has been the first one in the world to test the Metso-designed, light-weight truck body. The new Metso Truck Body can hold almost 9 tonnes more payload, which improves the efficiency of the mine’s hauling operations. As an added benefit, the rubber lining of the body cuts the perceived noise in half during loading and significantly reduces vibration.

Anglo American’s Kolomela mine reduces liner replacement downtime and improves safety using the concave carousel and removal trays system

In mineral processing, crusher efficiency can be compromised over time, affecting production time and, most importantly, the safety of employees. A major factor affecting crusher efficiency is the amount of downtime. The longer it takes to replace the wear parts inside the chamber of a primary gyratory crusher during a maintenance shutdown, the less uptime and thus, less production. By reducing the number of lifts, the replacement can be done much faster and safer.

How to remove bottlenecks in comminution circuit? 

Bottlenecks in a circuit are typically found in the equipment for comminution, transportation or classification. They may prevent crushing, screening and milling equipment from operating at their optimum performance levels. The bottlenecks might result from factors not originating in the stage where issues are observed. They can be related to equipment, operations or ore characteristics. Quality assessments are an effective way to tackle the issue as a whole: to identify both the root cause and corrective actions as well.