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Exyn Technologies introduces robots into Dundee Precious Metals’ gold mines

Photo by Exyn Technologies.

Exyn Technologies and Dundee Precious Metals (TSX:DPM) announced this week that they have joined forces to automate the latter’s underground gold mining operations.

The first step to achieving such a goal was that Exyn’s Autonomy Aerial Robots or A3Rs were made commercially available, a development that took place in the past days.

According to the tech company, A3Rs comprise a fully autonomous aerial system for data collection in GPS-denied environments. They don’t need any prior information or persistent communication and they assimilate measurements from a variety of sensors including a 3D LIDAR, cameras, and inertial sensors.

A3Rs operate without the need for a human pilot and in GPS-denied environments.

“The Exyn A3Rs allow frequent and hi-resolution mapping of underground environments while reducing risks to personnel,” said Theophile Yameogo, Vice President Digital Innovation of DPM, in a media statement. “We are very excited at the results of the maps we are seeing. As we further integrate the A3Rs into our workflow we anticipate a transformation of operations compared to today’s models.”

Both firms believe that the robots, which are driven by the exynAI software, are expected to reduce the amount of time spent underground by human operators and increase operational efficiency by having more accurate and up-to-date information for mine planning.

Dundee operates the Chelopech copper mine in central-western Bulgaria and the Krumovgrad gold project in southeastern part of the Balkan country. The Toronto-based miner also owns the Tsumeb smelter in northern Namibia and it entered a joint venture with Khalkos Exploration to earn up to a 71% interest in their Malartic gold property in Quebec, Canada. After completing the buyout of Avala Resources, DPM also became the owner of the Lenovac and Timok gold projects, and the Tulare gold-copper project in Serbia.

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