First Majestic gets into the minting business

Santa Elena mine. (Image courtesy of First Majestic.)

Precious metals producer First Majestic (NYSE: AG) (TSX: FR) has opened a 100%-owned and operated minting facility in Nevada, US, citing “incredible” demand.

“The decision to open our own mint was made to ensure our bullion store has adequate supplies in order to fulfill customers demand,” president and CEO Keith Neumeyer said in the statement.

The Canadian miner noted that “First Mint”, as it has named it, will expand upon its existing bullion sales through vertically integrating the production of investment-grade fine silver.

The opening of its own minting unit, First Majestic said, will allow the company to sell a much larger portion of its silver production directly to shareholders and customers, reducing production costs and expediting delivery time. 

“Last year, we sold over 440,000 ounces of silver bullion, generating over $11 million in revenue,” Neumeyer said. “However, sales could have been substantially higher had we not been constrained by limited supply from our minting partners.”

The Vancouver-based company said that First Mint will operate “some of the most innovative” processing equipment in the precious metals industry. These include an environmentally friendly flameless tunnel, which uses significantly less electricity and releases fewer emissions when compared to traditional minting processes.

The company, which has mines in Mexico and the US, expects the new mint to begin production of silver bullion products in the fourth quarter of 2023.