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Former Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll is back, joins Vedanta’s unit board

Former Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll is back, joins Vedanta board

Cynthia Carroll was chief executive of Anglo American from March 2007 but announced in October 2012 that she would step down, under pressure from frustrated investors.

After almost three years since leaving Anglo American due to investors dissatisfaction with her leadership, Cynthia Carroll is back on the mining scene.

The American geologist has joined the board of a subsidiary of London-listed Vedanta Resources (LON:VED), an India-based mining and oil group.

Carroll, who already sits on the board of oil major BP and Hitachi, will have an advisory role, Vedanta said in a statement. She will work closely with another of several mining chief executives who exited the industry between 2012 and 2013, former Rio Tinto boss Tom Albanese.

Analysts believe the appointment underlines Vedanta’s drive to improve the group’s governance and investor friendliness.

The firm clarified that Carroll, who run Anglo American from March 2007 to April 2013, will chair Vedanta Resources Holdings Ltd, not the whole group, as that role is firmly held by chairman Anil Agarwal, who owns almost 80% of Vedanta Resources.

The 58-year-old became the first woman to ever lead Anglo. Not other female has held that position at the company ever since.

She comes back to the mining industry at one of the worst times imaginable, with companies across the globe feeling the pinch of an ongoing rout in commodity prices.