Gold mining ghost town for sale on Craigslist

The 12-acre gold mining ghost town of Seneca, California, which entered decline after its post office closed in 1943, is up for sale, complete with restaurant/bar, mineral and timber rights, for $225,000 on Craigslist:

Seneca is the real McCoy. Historic. Very close to, or containing a historic Chinese-built gold mine. (Active gold mining today in the vicinity.) This deal includes several small buildings in various states of (dis)repair. It was home to the “Woodstock of the West” in the 1970’s — thousands attended (we have a clipping somewhere). Riverfront footage on both sides of the Feather River. Includes an island. Possibly THE last private acreage within a National Forest. (Not many liquor licenses in the region, either.)

Check out the Craigslist ad here: